American Laser Clinics: False comments & repercussions.

This post on American Laser Clinics and armed guards has had more than a few readers and comments.

OFT_scam_300.jpgThe comments have been universally negative until just now. Now someone's trying to game the system.

LH caught on to this anonymous loser who's using different names to post positive American Laser Clinic comments as "Happy Customer" and "Thndrbabe". LH's comment made me suspicious so I looked up the comments. Surprise... they're both from the same computer with this IP address:

(I'll not disclose further identifying information but it's the same person and I can find the exact computer as can anyone else now.)

This poser is trying to use this site to promoted ALC has really pissed me off so I've taken the following actions:

  • Each of this persons comment now has a link back to this post alerting everyone that the comments are a front.
  • I've blocked that IP address from ever accessing this site and other suspicious posts will trigger an alert that I can review.
Just to make it clear: I don't care if you're pro or con on any position but I take the credibility of this site seriously and will guard its (and my) reputations jealously. You are never really anonymous on the web so be warned. False commenters will be outed mercilessly. The person leaving these comments has now accomplished exactly the opposite of what they were trying to accomplish. I hope the lesson's learned.