Medical Spa Classified Ads: IPLs, lasers & spa stuff.

New classified section for cosmetic medical & spa equipment.

0529077d9a0a7d589211c1984f963fe8631874_125_125Here's the new classified section for Medical Spa MD: Medical Spa Equipment

Here's where you can add a new listing.

If you've got something you're trying to move, now you've got the place to do it. There are currently four listing areas: IPLs, Lasers, Medical Equipment, and Spa Equipment. I'll add others if needed.

If  you've got something listed elsewhere or on consignment, I'd encourage you to list it here as well. Medical Spa MD has more than 18,000 unique monthly visitors and a large contingent of physicians. Better yet, the listings are free and there's no 'percentage of sale' so you've got no complaints there. The site is up and fully functional although there will be improvements as we go along.

I'm anxious to find out if this is a need that many have. Another middle-man gone.

Note: The classifieds will also be monitored and spam or solicitations will be removed. Equipment only for now.