Lipodisolve, Mesotherapy & Other Patient Questions.

There are a few posts on this site from potential patients looking for advice. The Lipodisolve: Mesotherapy Horror Posts! thread has some that go like this: (I've corrected the spelling where I could. Evidently we've got readers in England too.)

Lipodissolve.jpg"I had lipo dissolve on my upper abdomen, I had a small pocket of fat that looked odd and losing wait didn't have any affect. I am correct BMI etc and healthy. I was assured i was an ideal candidate and it was exactly what it would work on. I went 4 time Each time told it would definitely work. I spent £1000 and had no impact at all not even a mm difference, I was sore after each and continued in the hope the next time would work but it didn't. Im now considering liposmart can anyone tell me honestly that this will work, I cannot afford more treatment that does not work but otherwise eon a normal physique I have a pouch of fat that is totally abnormal."

First, you need to find a doctor you trust and talk to them. You're asking for a medical diagnosis. No physician who has not seen you will answer this type of question. You're wasting your time trying to elicit one. Go find a doctor you like and trust and get a real opinion.

Second, it's just plain foolish to ask for this kind of advice. If you've read that Lipodisolve thread you'll see in the post that there are all types of non-physicians performing treatments they're calling Lipodisolve. Go find a doctor you like and talk to them. You're asking for problems.