It looks as though the Medspa Classified Board is working.

After a few hiccups, It looks like the classified medspa equipment board is now working correctly. (It's geeky beyond my ken.)

0529077d9a0a7d589211c1984f963fe8631874_125_125The last listings have both photos, prices and the rest of the troublesome stuff. There are only a few listings now but with 20,000 unique visitors who are all at least interested in this area (About 70% are docs according to the membership list.) it's prime real estate if you're trying to recycle your Cynosure Laser, Velasmooth, Cynergy PL, Diamond Tome Microderm, Canfield imaging system, Longport Ultrasound, or Skin Typing Spectrophotometer (All current listings.).

I've started a discussion thread for the classified board to discuss used medical equipment, buying and selling, and whatever doesn't fit under a specific IPL or Laser Technology Platform.

Note: Please do not spam advertisements for businesses on the board. I you're a vendor your welcome to post individual listings for equipment you have but not to spam advertisements for your business or services.