Lipodissolve, Mesotherapy & Fat Melting Injections.

The plastic surgery community has come out strongly against physician injectable mesotherapy treatments that are often referred to as Lipodissolve and main stream media's taking a look. Is this quackery? Is it medical fraud? Will it effect liposuction incomes?

what-is-mesotherapy.gifI know a number of plastic surgeons who regularly use Lipodissolve in conduction with their liposuction surgeries. Why? There are inherent problems with liposuction that lipodissolve can address.

The plastic surgeon societies state that it's not 'proven'. True enough. But unlike treatments like featherlift, lipodisolve ends up with happy patients. The market is validating it as 'wanted' and the plastic surgery societies are trying to sweep back the ocean with a broom. Anyone know if there are studies ongoing?

Disclaimer: Surface performs Liposolve.

The Wall Street Journal weighs in on Mesotherapy: Popular Treatment That Aims To Melt Fat Draws Scrutiny

Last month, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery warned that the shots are "scientifically unproven, lacking any objective data on safety and efficacy." The surgeons' group, which is sponsoring human tests to evaluate one such treatment, urged the public "to steer clear" until more data come in.

Physicians who offer lipodissolve say the injections can be effective in skilled hands. Diane Duncan, a plastic surgeon in Fort Collins, Colo., cites a 2006 retrospective study that she co-authored in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, based on data submitted by 75 physicians in 17 countries from 17,376 patients. The study found that roughly 12% of patients expressed disappointment with the aesthetic result. The authors concluded that the treatments have a good safety record; complications included temporary hyperpigmentation, pain and allergic reactions.

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