Medspa Marketing: Mapping your patient populations.

I really like this idea via Top Lead Generators: Good Idea From My Local Jamba Juice


Up on the wall, there was a giant map of Bakersfield with hundreds of little pins scattered all over the map.  Below the map was the message, "Tell us where you live so that we can put a Jamba Juice in your neighborhood". 

That's smart, on a couple of fronts:

  • It's fun, non-intrusive and interesting for patients.
  • You get valuable feedback on where your patients are coming from. (I'd guess you'll see clusters develop.)
  • It reinforces your value to the patient. They can see that (hopefully hundreds or thousands) of others have made the choice to come to your medspa.
  • It can provide valuable info that could be used for direct mailings or PR stories.

Sales leads don't always have to come from a list.  Valuable information is yours for the taking if you give your customers a chance to have a little fun and take a second to provide you with information you can use to grow your business.