Medispa MD: Questions about your medical spa?

jwrn thinks some of the reactions to questions posed have been rude to which I reply:


It may be rudeness your seeing. It may just as well be an intolerance for those taking positions on medical issues that are clearly wrong and/or illegal. If this is your fist stop in your due diligence and your question is 'how do I open a medical spa' or 'what laser should I buy' it's either answered on other portions of this site, or it's beyond the scope of a 'comment' to answer.

You should take the time and read the relevant  portions of this site.

Those who read and comment on this site are generally physicians who are often running retail medical practices. The fact that completely remedial questions and comments that display a complete ignorance of the moral, ethical, and legal status that comes with the practice of medicine receive short shrift should come as no surprise to anyone. It's frustrating to see the same basic questions posted over and over with the inevitable 'HELP!" thrown in for effect. If you're willing to make important business decisions based on the response you'll get to questions like that, you'll not be around long.

In fact, I've found the community to be remarkable tolerant and almost universally helpful if you're willing to make the slightest effort to ask an intelligent question.

If you'd actually like to take advantage of the considerable communal knowledge stored here... 

Ask an intelligent question that's not in all-caps, run spell-check, show a little respect for the people who you're asking to respond, and you'll receive helpful advice. When your asking for someone to take the time to share information with you, it's the least you can do.