Candela just doesn't work.

I hate when someone sends me something that doesn't work.

knife%20in%20skull.gifI'm on just about everyones email list. Palomar, Candela, and the rest are constantly sending me emails for webinars, training and such. I rarely find the time to log in and even more rarely learn anything of interest. However, it only takes one little tidbit to make it worthwhile. Unfortunately the tidbits are few and far between.

Candela just sent me another invitation. It doesn't work.

Now maybe I'm in an odd situation. After all I'm a little tech savvy. I use gmail. I use Firefox. It may be that the unique configuration prevents Candelas emails from launching correctly on my system and is fine on everyone else's.

But I don't care. It doesn't work for me... so it just doesn't work.

Candelas soliciting my participation and time. It's their responsibility to make sure that the powers turned on before I get there. My experience with and opinion of Candela just dropped a notch. How could I trust a technology company to provide me with service when their sales and marketing (you can bet the most important part in Candelas opinion) can't send me an email link that works. I grow immediately concerned that customer support may function just as poorly.

Hmmm.. Now their entire site won't load. Maybe it is me.

(There's a parable here i think.)