Medspa MD Classified Ads: Subscribe to the RSS feed.

The Medical Spa MD Classified Board now has it's own RSS feed.


There are a number of new listing over on the classified board.

If you're RSS savvy, you can now subscribe to the classified feed and get all the new listings delivered to your aggregator as soon as they're posted. I'm aware of a number of sellers that have been contacted.

I'd also suggest that if you actually want to sell what you're listing, you take a little time with photos and a good description.  

What can you sell? Just about anything that has to do with cosmetic medical equipment or retail medicine. It just has to be specific. Spamming the board with listings for other sites just pisses me off.  (You know who you are.)

Want to advertise your site? Here's the Medspa MD ad page.

 Current listings include: Exam tables, Whisper Erbium laser, Dermawave ultrasonic, Naturalight IPL, Cynosure Laser, Canfield booth, Dimond Tome microderm, and others medical spa stuff.