Medspa MD: Housekeeping

It's been a while since the look and feel of the sites been updated and there were a number things that weren't working or displaying correctly. So, I took two hours and made a few changes that should make the site a little cleaner and easier to navigate. I'll thank Medspa Guy for the last few posts. I know there are more coming from him but you should all take a few minutes and read the beginning of his series on Medspa Success.

I've tried to keep up with removing the spam and keeping all of the conversations civil. I'll thank all of the regulars for their efforts in this regard as well. Dermadoc, Dermacareless, LH, Medspa Guy and all of the others. I'll have to build a regulars list at some point.

For those of you who've accepted my invitation to write for Medical Spa MD and haven't yet put fingers to keyboard....