Top ways to get yourself banned from Medical Spa MD

Jeez. Is it just me or did the hidden agenda crowd just arrive in force?

It seems that Medspa MD here has just shown up on some radar screens once we hit 50,000 unique visitors a month. So, in the interest of clarity for those who are new and havent read the fine print about how to behave, here are the top three ways to get yourself banned from this site.

  1. Spamming: There are a couple of reasons that people spam and ways it's manifested. Whenever a site becomes popular, more people visit, more sites linke to it, and the search engines rank it higher in their listings. Since this site's most popular with doctors and there are a lot of them here, people who are looking to get in front of docs or have a link from this site to theirs find Medspa MD a great place too. if you see comments that are totally nondescript, offer no info, but still have a link in the signature, that's generally what's happening. Of course there's the hidden agenda spam too. Most if not all of the major laser and IPL companies have a rep or two who read this site. There are also a lot of medspa franchisees and franchisors. While everyones welcome to comment and post, I take a jaundiced eye at entirely blatant self promotion like 'Check out this opportunity!' comments.

  2. Flaming: There are plenty of places to engage in personal attacks on the web. This is not one of them. If you end up resorting to vulgarities and name-calling you'll get yourself ousted faster than.... well... really fast. Feel free to argue or criticize, just don't go overboard. 

There are some comments that are very critical of certain medical spa businesses, physicians, franchises, or those running them. These are peoples opinions. Those criticized are always welcome to respond as long as they follow the above two rules as well.

This is America after all and everyone is welcome to have an opinion. If you disagree with mine, start your own blog and you can run it any way you want.