Lumenis responds to Medical Spa MD's love and hate comments.

Lumenis seem to be some bad feelings towards some physicians who have posted comments on IPL and laser reviews and  Medical Spa MD physician clinical exchange forums.

Herer is the content of an email I received from Lumenis about comments in the forums of Medspa MD:

Message: Dear Sirs,

It has come to my attention that a physician has created a blog and has used foul language and misinformation as a campaign against the company Lumenis, Inc. This can be found at We are aware of this physician who has sent us profanity laden emails containing threats and libalous and malicious content. We are purusing this matter with our attorneys.

It appears that this same physician has created this blog, and is using several aliases to respond to his own questions and provide comments. Given the derisive nature of his comments, we are asking that you remove these unfortunate comments, as well as monitor future comments placed on this site.

I thank you in advance for your serious attention to this matter.

Rob Ellis
VP Global Marketing

There was at least one other email I recieved immediately after this one from someone stating that they had been asked by Lumenis to look at who was posting these comments. This person represented themselves as being tech-savvy and stated as above that most of the comments were left by someone posing as multiple individuals and responding negatively to questions that they themselves had asked.

With thousands of physicians reading this site each month the forums are very valuable and recieve a tremendous amount of traffic. It can certainly hurt a companies reputaton to have their IPL's, lasers, and management trashed. This is a good place to note that while information valuable, it should not be taken as more than what it is. It's entirely possilble that Lumenis is correct and this doctor is attempting to use tactics that are less than truthful.

Be somewhat suspicious of unidentified comments and please only use one screen name. If you're found to be doing something like this you may have your IP address blocked and all of your comments removed. It's happened before.

On my side it's about all I can do to try to keep the spammers out. On some days this site can get more than 25 new spam comments. With the 20-40 legit comments and 6-10 emails that's a lot and it's why I'm moving to distribute content to Medspa MD members via Senside.