Medical Spa MDs Select Partner Program!


The Medical Spa MD Select Partner Program is now here. Whew.

Over the last few years I've received a large number of requests from companies that provide products and services to cosmetic medical providers who want to offer services or information to Medical Spa MD Members and readers.

(Many of you will remember classified board that was here for a while. At last count I think it moved more than half a million dollars of IPL's and lasers as well as assorted medspa stuff.)

There are also a fair number of requests from members who are looking for guidance on buying technology or equipment and there's always been a tremendous amount of interest in forming some sort of physician buyers group to approace vendors for discounts.

To fill this demand I've created a section of the site for reputable companies that are already selling to medical spas to offer their services to Medical Spa MDs Members as well as the growing number of patients who are now visiting the site. Offers will be at a discount.

In the next few weeks I'll begin adding special offers to this page as we accept new cosmetic medical business suppliers into a Select Partner Program for Medical Spa MD members. If you're a reputable company who would like to become a Medical Spa MD Select Partner please let me know.

This program will provide an opportunity for vendors to get in front of the two thousand Medspa MD Members and tens of thousands of other physicians to provide savings on products and services. Members will be visible on this site and be included in Medical Spa MD's member communications.

If you would like become a Medical Spa MD Select Partner and offer your products or services on this site you may apply here.

Select Partners that sell on Medical Spa MD must:

  • Be a legitimate business that currently sells to cosmetic medical providers.
  • Provide a offer or price that is exclusive to Medical Spa MD Members and not generally available.
  • Benefit Medical Spa MD.

I'f you know of a reputable company that sells products or services to medical spas and cosmetic medical practicies please let them know and we'll get them signed up and moving inventory.

P.S. Our spectrophotometer supplier has run out of inventory so they are not currently available. When I find another supplier I'll add them again.