What should Medical Spa MD become?

mcgyverCan Medical Spa MD be turned into a marketing an purchasing co-operative?

Hmmm. I've been struggling with this for some time now. Certainly I get any number of emails from physicians each week. In most cases they're looking for information, but a growing number have been interested in some sort of 'banding together' as independents. Here's a good example from one of the discussion threads on this site:

"These laser companies and allergan and restylane have sucked the money out of the medspas are the only ones making any money, and yet they do a piss poor job of creating any new markets for there wonderful products. Everone's ads all look the same, they are too full of too much information about things that people don't care about. Medicis has been generous as to product samples, but I would much rather have clients calling me and asking for the product rather than spending an hour convincing them why they need it and that they won't look like that dancing with the stars actress lady or why they won't look frozen, or why they won't get burned.

It is late, I have insomnia, and I have been in this business for a long, long time. There are 900 members plus on this site. 900 times $300.00 monthly membership is $270,000 times 12 months is $3,240,000.00. Nice ad budget. They get the Seal, they referral links, marketing support, reps would be begging to give group discounts and deal on a large scale. No franchises, just The America Medspa Advisory Board:"


"Bravo. That was one of the more accurate and heartfelt assessments of the state of this industry. The Devil is in the details. I have personal experience in bringing together 20 or so former franchisees into a marketing cooperative and I can tell you that it became a full time job to the detriment of my medspa. We saw the same thing with Jeff, the founder of this site, who had to pull away to move forward on other issues.
Hopefully one of those initiatives, i.e. the marketing support will become available soon and the type of coming together you are speaking about will evolve within this community.

Regardless of what one thinks of the tone and tenor of some of the ongoing discussions here, one must admit that this site stands alone in bringing individual medspa owners together into one community.

If and how that can be harnessed remains to be seen."

- Mark 

My response to DO YOU... and Mark:
Certainly there is the possibility to do that very thing with Medspa MD. I'm guessing here but the medical marking portal that we're rolling out should be absolutely killer and there have been some major tech companies who have expressed interest in getting in front of the members of this site.

In the past I've said no. In general, because the site lacked the numbers to pose significant enough buying power. The 'offers' would have been of little to no value. (There was also a problem in that I could have been placed in a situation where I had a conflict of interest with existing Surface clinics.) However, that's changing.

Medical Spa MD will pass 1,000 signed up members within days. Approximately 70% of these members are physicians with the remainder being nurses, PA's, estheticians and tech companies. The buying power of 1000+ physicians practicing retail cosmetic medicine is considerable and there's a very real possibility that Medspa MD's members could now get considerable pricing considerations, very high quality products, and I could make enough money to make it worthwhile. (I'm of the opinion that transparency on my end is important and there's certainly something of a financial consideration on my end.)

So, I'd really like to get some feedback on this.

What would you like to see on this site? How should it be structured? How much would you be willing to pay? How much would you think I should make?

There are some thinks in the works that I've posted about before for sure, but I'd really like some feedback from you guys on this.