SEO for your medical spa.

There's been some comments over on the Dermacare thread (Now at almost 800 comments) that reference SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Medical%20Spa%20SEOFirst, a bit of background about what SEO is and why you'd want it.

SEO is the process of 'elevating' your site's rankings when someone searches for information using 'keywords' (Think of these as what you'd type into the search box). If someone types in Medspa, IPL treatments, or Botox, you'd like your web site to be at the top of the list. Unfortunately for you... so does everyone else.

(If you're not in the first two pages for any keyword your chances of someone finding you are essentially nil. The first five links get the vast majority of all clicks.) 

SEO is a catch-all phrase for anything that improves the chances of search engines ranking your site higher.

Search engines love original content that's relevant to what their users are searching for. So, they have sophisticated algorithms that are designed to find relevant content and separate it from the flotsam and jetsam. (People often try to game the system but search engines actively 'sandbox' or penalize them. The search engines have gotten very good at this.}

When someone comes along and promises you SEO, take that with a grain of salt. Real SEO is expensive and very time consuming. You generate a list of keywords that you'd like to rank higher in and then start doing things that make you more attractive to the search engines. Things like generating backlinks (Other sites linking to yours) and providing lots of fresh content that matches what users are searching for. It's an ongoing, labor intensive process and can be filled with smoke and mirrors that are essentially useless. 

Happy to answer any questions on this.