Medical Spa Interviews & Answers: Your help needed.

botox%20postcardI've had a couple of phone conversations with some of the physicians who regularly post on this site and have come away with some thoughts for a series of interviews with doctors and professionals running successful medical spas. It seems that there's an insatiable desire for more information on treatments, marketing, operations, and almost everything else that goes into organizing and running a successful cosmetic practice.

I'm going to be contacting a number of clinics and physicians around the country (or outside) that run what I deem to be successful practices and interview them. I have a tentative list of questions but I'd like to enlist you, my dear readers, to help me make sure I'm not missing anything that's relevant.

So, I'm asking for some help in formulating the questions, the more detailed the better.

Please post your list of questions as comments. If the repeat, great. We'll know that lots of people are interested in that information.

I plan on generating a report that will be organized around the questions rather than inline, so you can see what all the answers are to the question rather than collating that information from separate interviews.