Radiance Medical Spas: website trouble

If the Radiance Medical Spa here is an example of exactly how you don't want your medspa to be perceived as.

Via Plasticized:

"Radiance Medspa is a national franchise that has run into trouble with disgruntled owners and office closures.  In the cosmetic world, it can be a challenge to maintain quality over large distances with a range of practitioners with varying quality.  Some of the spas have broken away from the corporation. Others have closed in the last year.

Take a look at this Radiance website. The "highly skilled, licensed professionals " were unable to spell "specialization" and they left some latin text from the website template they ripped under "about us". Here is an example of how quality control can fail in a large entity"

I don't know if the Dermacare doctors have it any worse than these poor Radiance franchises.