Physician Training Review: How to inject Juvederm Injectable Gel by Allergan

By CHMD: Just viewed "How to inject Juvederm Injectable Gel" by Allergan 2007.  This instructional video was terrible! 

The technique was poor and anyone who tried to inject after watching this video is sure to get bad results.  Allergen should be embarrassed to put this video out. 
This points up two big problems with the injectable industry.
First, the instruction from the big companies is terrible, it stinks.  There videos are horrible and their instructional seminars are usually very bad as well.  They only show you one way to do things and you have to know many techniques.  The instructors many times don't know HOW they get the results and cannot explain and demonstrate how.  They use 3-4 syringes when we are only able to use 1 or 2 in clinical practice.
This is my recommendation to Allergan, Medicis and the others.  Make a great set of instructional videos which demonstrate and instruct how to do injections well.  Make them easily available to everyone.  Work together and share costs if you want.
Second, the FDA does not let the big companies instruct us how to do injections unless it is FDA approved for that area.  Since only the Nasolabial folds are FDA approved, that is the only instruction we get.  Allergan and Medicis TELL us to inject it everywhere, but they don't and can't tell us how to do it and get the best results.
My recommendation.  FDA, your rules are hurting, not helping us.  "Unintended Consequences"! Open your eyes and take a look at what is going on and modify your rules.
My other recommendation.  Allergan and Medicis, open your eyes and see how many BAD injections are done which turn patients (and their friends and family)off to injectables. Teach us how to do these injections correctly.  Don't just hire a plastic surgeon who does good work (and can't teach), hire someone who can teach.