Sciton BBL treatment parameters for pigment & redness.

Not to be left out of the IPL section, the Sciton BBL IPL treatment parameters for pigment and redness.

I have a Q regared the 515 filter and lentigines. With the 10ms pulse widths I have seen moderate rxns at 11-12J with 25 cooling in type 2s ( moderate erythema with accentuation and darkening of lentigines). When I moved to 20ms 9-10J with 18 cooling in type 3 and 4s I saw no immediate response (eythema or darkening). I spoke with a patient today who stated minimal darkening 24hr out. These are the recommended settings but they do not appear to have the punch. Has anyone tried lowering pulse widths to 15ms or even 10ms with cooling let's say 15 to protect surrounding skin?? I have lot's of type 3-4s with lentigines. Your suggestions appreciated...

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