Dr. Todd Schlifstein On Integrating Medical Spa Treatments Into A Wellness Center

Dr. Todd SchlifsteinDr. Todd Schlifstein brings 4 years of management experience with his passions for sports medicine and cosmetic medicine.

We had a chance to talk with Dr. Schlifstein on combining his interests to develop a wellness center and medical spa in the heart of NYC.

Name: Todd R. Schlifstein, D.O.
Location: New York, NY
Website: fountainmedicalgroup.com

That's interesting: Dr. Schlifstein is a Patient's Choice Award Recipient from 2009-2011. He is a speaker and consultant for more than 12 pharmaceutical companies. Dr. Schlifstein has many published research studies on sports medicine and pain management in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine.

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Dr. Pramit S. Malhotra: The Malhotra Center For Plastic Surgery In Michigan

Dr. Pramit S. Malhotra: The Malhotra Center For Plastic Surgery In MichiganPramit S. Malhotra MD is double board certified as a plastic surgeon and otolaryngologist with clinics in Ann Arbor and Jackson Michigan.

Dr. Malhotra was named a top plastic surgeon by the Consumer Research Council of America in 2009. We wanted to find out how this busy plastic surgeon manages two practices and what he thinks about the state of cosmetic medicine.

Name: Pramit S. Malhotra MD, MS
Location: Ann Arbor and Jackson, MI
Website: annarborplasticsurgery.com

That's interesting: Dr. Malhotra is an author of over a dozen publications for professional medical journals on topics including Botox, rhinoplasty, and head and neck cancers.

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Sciton Launches New Site For Japan Market

Sciton reaches out to their Japanese customers via a new Japanese-language site.

Sciton recently offered our members a great deal on their BBLs IPL and they just sent over a bit of news I thought I would share with our international physicians and med spas.

Sciton is making a committed effort to support the Japanese aesthetic market (the second largest in the world) and has launched a new site for their Japanese-speaking customers.  Their hope is that Japanese customers will get better, more accurate info, in their native-language.

We’re excited to have the ability to provide information about our lasers in the Japanese language,” said Mr. Hiroyuki Takase, General Manager of Sciton Japan. “Since the establishment of Sciton Japan in April 2010, inquiries about Sciton laser systems have been coming in every day.  Now, with the translated website, we can serve our customers in a convenient and real-time fashion to provide the materials and references that they need.

For our Japanese doctors, you can check out their new website at: www.Sciton.jp

Interview with Sciton BBL Product Manager Cheryl Deguara

Since Scitons Group Buy Program for Medical Spa MD Members just launched, we took the opportunity to chat with the Sciton BBLs product manager, Cheryl Deguara.

We're happy to have Sciton on board and offering our community some pretty hefty savings on the new BBLs IPL. We've had a number of conversations with them around their technology and customer service and we're satisfied that they recognize the benefits that this community can provide them, and that they're serious supporters of the site. Sciton's let us know that they've already sold more than a few units through Medical Spa MD. We'd love it if there were more Scitons out there.

To start off we wanted to get some inside info about why Sciton thinks that their BBLs platform is an obvious choice for your medspa or laser clinic. While not earth-shattering on the insight front and with a pretty obvious marketing slant, it's a start... and it's right on target.

From our first contacts it was obvious that Sciton is very proud of their BBL and and they aren’t afraid to say so.

“Our unit has some very impressive features that you won’t find with our competitors”, says Deguara,  “including an unlimited number of pulses while the unit is under warranty. Most IPL lamps have a pulse limit. When you reach that limit, it is typical to replace the hand piece 2-4 times a year at a cost of $5K-$7K each. You will never have that cost with Sciton's BBL.”

We asked Cheryl what she wants our Members to know about their product.

“BBL has 2 flash lamps instead of the 1 standard lamp found in other IPL devices. This not only means a longer lifetime but also helps eliminate the lamp degradation seen after short periods of time with other competitive IPL’s. There is no other IPL on the market that is as durable, reliable or versatile as Sciton’s BBL.”

Scition BBLs differentiated features include:

  • Other IPL devices require 2-7 different hand pieces to switch between wavelengths and/or spot size. Sciton’s BBL utilizes a single hand piece yet offers ultimate versatility and convenience.
  • Rapidly interchangeable filters allow switching the wavelength in a matter of seconds. Patients are not inconvenienced and doctors save time not having to power down the system to change wavelengths.
  • Innovative magnetic spot size adapters make changing the spot size fast and convenient. There is no need to buy a different hand piece simply to change the spot size. The large 15X 45 mm spot size is easily converted to 7 mm round, 11 mm round or 15 X 15 mm square in a snap.
  • Sciton’s BBL is the only system where you can control the skin temperature from 0 – 30 degrees centigrade. This allows better controlled treatments by increasing safety while maximizing clinical results.

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Sciton BBLs Group Buy: Save $15K on a new Scition BBLs

There's going to be quite a lot of Sciton activity on Medical Spa MD for the next month or so as we launch a new Sciton BBLs Group Buy Program with our newest Select Partner.

This program will expire after the first 5 Members lay down a deposit so if you want to take advantage of this you'll want to act first. I'll be laying out the details of the program but you'll want to watch this video explaination of the program from Sciton's Doug Carrow, Director of Sales Development.

View Sciton BBLs Group Buy Offer >

Questions?  Call 614-891-7591 or email info@sciton.com

Sciton BBLs Group Buy Configuration

BBLs™ enables treatment of multiple skin conditions with various wavelengths seamlessly using change-on-the-fly Smart Filters.

No obligation to buy if less than 5 Members join.

If there are less than 5 members at the end of the program, you may chose to buy the BBLs at the list price or you can chose to not buy the BBLs and your deposit will be refunded. 

Try it out!

There is no risk to try out the system. After your new Scition BBLs is delivered you will have 30 days to decide if you want to keep it or not. You'll receive full clinical training and support from Scition during this period. If you return your BBLs within 30 days from the date of installation, the full purchase price will be refunded (less the $5,000 deposit for clinical training).

12 month trade in!

Within a 12 month period you can chose to trade-in the BBLs in order to receive a credit of the full purchase price of the BBLs to go towards the purchase of a Sciton JOULE platform.

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Sciton BBLs Group Buy & Medical Spa MD

5 Medical Spa MD Members can now save $15,000 on a new Sciton BBLs through Sciton's Medical Spa MD Group Buy.

This offer expires after the first 5 Members make a deposit.

Sciton is the first major cosmetic laser and IPL technology manufacturer to test the waters in this kind of sales environment. For that, they deserve considerable kudos since it's not the typical CYA marketing and sales play that manufacturers usually employ.

We'll be discussing Scition and the BBLs at lenght but there's a rub of course. This offer is limited to the first 5 Medical Spa MD Members who make a deposit and get going. There's no risk since you can return the BBLs if you're not happy. You'll have to pay for the clinical training but you'll keep all the money that the BBLs makes you during that period. If you're looking to add an IPL for any reason, take a look.

As a note, don't think that Medical Spa MD is selling out or playing favorites. Sciton approached us because they already know that they've made sales of their technology because of Medical Spa MD's Members. They'd like to expand on their success. We're happy to have them because they've shown themselves to be proactive on the sevice end, engaged with Members, and have a good reputation.

If you've got any questions about this plan, please contact Scition directly by calling 614-891-7591 or email info@sciton.com

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Sciton BBL treatment parameters for pigment & redness.

Not to be left out of the IPL section, the Sciton BBL IPL treatment parameters for pigment and redness.

I have a Q regared the 515 filter and lentigines. With the 10ms pulse widths I have seen moderate rxns at 11-12J with 25 cooling in type 2s ( moderate erythema with accentuation and darkening of lentigines). When I moved to 20ms 9-10J with 18 cooling in type 3 and 4s I saw no immediate response (eythema or darkening). I spoke with a patient today who stated minimal darkening 24hr out. These are the recommended settings but they do not appear to have the punch. Has anyone tried lowering pulse widths to 15ms or even 10ms with cooling let's say 15 to protect surrounding skin?? I have lot's of type 3-4s with lentigines. Your suggestions appreciated...

Live Physician Chat: Sciton BBL (Cosmetic IPLs & Lasers)
Tuesday February 24, 2009 9 - 10 PM EST

Sciton BBL IPL Live Chat Scheduled

Next live physician chat has been scheduled for Tuesday, February 24th at 9PM EST. IPLs including the Sciton BBL will be discussed. All interested parties are welcome.

Transcripts of past medical spa physician chats: medical spa marketing & advertising, Thermage, Fraxel, Fractional C02Laser, & Fraxel Technology & Protocols.

Next live physician chat:

Sciton BBL (Cosmetic IPLs & Lasers)
Tuesday February 24, 2009   9 - 10 PM EST

All IPL users are welcome. Intense Pulse Light (IPL)Chat Tuesday February 24, 2009 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm Eastern Sciton BBL and others. All Welcome.