Do you make a difference?

I’m very excited to be blogging for Medical Spa MD, a site I turn to to keep a pulse on what’s happening across America in the wonderful business that is aesthetic medicine! Where else on the web can you find such an open and informative forum to share, help and learn?

I found myself getting tunnel vision, only considering what’s happening in my immediately demographic marketplace and began to wonder how aesthetic practices differ in other States. We all know we share the same downfalls of the economy, but do we have similar therapies, marketing strategies, and products/services? Is there something new on the horizon that has us all excited, or could change the scope of our practice as we now know it?

Like most of you, I hear about new and innovative products and modalities coming into the arena at trade shows or from sales reps. What usually lacks is the experience the professional public has had with these “show stoppers”.

I read content on this site as a nurse, a marketer, a medical spa owner, an employer, all while keeping my mind open as patient. While the discussions between physicians are highly informative and educational, my desire is to review subject matter for ancillary personnel... the nurses, the aestheticians, the medical aestheticians, and general support staff.

Other than their education, experience and skills, we are the foundation on which physicians build their practices and trust in us to help them and the practice thrive and our therapies be safe and efficacious for our patients.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at current issues and everyday concerns such as new laws, therapies, products, office procedures and policies, and marketing strategies. As support staff members, we should feel a sense of ownership and pride in what we have chosen to do in our profession.

It will begin here... as casual thoughts and occasional epiphanies between colleagues. So, I must ask you... how are you making a difference?

Paula D. Young RN - Newest writer for Medical Spa MD

Author: Paula D. Young RN runs internal operations and training at Young Medical Spa and is the author of the Medical Spa Aesthetics Course, Study Guide, and Advanced IPL & Laser Training course for medical estheticians and laser technicians.

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