Medical Spa MD: The 6 best ways to earn and use patient testimonials, associations, and third party endorsements.

Patient testimonials, third-party reviews and endorsements, media coverage... these can all differentiate your medical spa, plastic surgery, or cosmetic dermatology practice and convince potential patients to give your clinic a shot.

While search engine marketing (SEO), pay per click (ppc) and direct mail can put your practice in front of potential patients, third party patient testimonials can provide the needed level of ‘trust building’ to initiate a first contact.

The three types of third party validation for medical spas, plastic surgeons, and cosmetic dermatologists:

Direct Patient Testimonials: You’ve seen this if you’re not already doing it. Prominent display of your patients saying nice things about you.

Trust Through Association: The reason that you’ll put your FACS, ASAPS, AAD, or ASDS logo on your site is to build patient trust. It works. Of course, theses associations are completely restricted and very protective of their turf, leading to less restrictive medical associations who want to gain credibility. The reason MAPA was formed was to add some legitimacy to a group of non-core physicians. These associations are always pay to play.

Third Party Endorsements and Validations: Botox ‘premier providers’ is an example of third party endorsement as are others that are run by medical service companies. (If Medical Spa MD links to your medical spa it’s a third party endorsement.) Interestingly, third party endorsements actually have a more favorable impact than association endorsements since the third party is often more ‘relevant’ to the initiation of a financial transaction.

When you receive these kinds of accolades or promotions from prominent third-party players, if validates what you’re doing and provides the potential patient you’re marketing to a level of instant comfort that you’ve already been checked out and are the ‘real deal’.

Subtle changes to the way you’re handling your patient testimonials and third party endorsements can produce dramatic effects, especially online, where the majority of patients are now searching for information.

Medical Spa MD: Quick strategies for piling up and using patient endorsements

Target the places your patients already are: First and most importantly is your existing medical spa or cosmetic practice but you’ll be able to reach far out into the community and gain the endorsements of other prominent businesses and individuals

Identify third-party recognition programs: These are most often paid inclusion but there are ways to get these types of third party endorsements for free, or at reduced cost.

Prepare legal and media write-ups: The media only runs two types of story; we found something good and, we found out something we thought was good, was really bad. Uncover the ways to build this kind of content that you can use on your own site, and share with you local media outlets.

Provide ready-made strong human interest and strong visuals: Patients and the media love photos. If your fractional laser resurfacing before and after pictures suck, you’re losing traffic and paying patients. Learn how to manage your photos and make them more than just snapshots.

Give patient testimonials prominent placement: If you don’t have your patients smiling photo, full name, and a stellar testimonial, you’re less effective that you could be. Learn how to get patient testimonials that are truthful, candid, and really work. Read these testimonials from Medical Spa MD Members touting the benfits of belonging to the best cosmetic medicla commuity on the web.

Look for latent patient traffic, not spikes, from these techniques: The effective use of third party endorsements and patient testimonials work and drive patient flow, but it’s not a technique that provides an instant boost. It’s begins a trend and compounds over time.

If you’re not using patient testimonials and third party endorsements to drive patient flow, start now, your medial spa, cosmetic dermatology clinic, or plastic surgery practice will benefit far into the future.

And of course Medical Spa MD uses testimonials too. Read these testimonials from Medical Spa MD Members:


Mitchell Chasin, MD: Reflections Center for Skin & Body, Livingston NJ

Mitchell Chasin MD, Refelections Center for Skin & Body Medical Spa MD helps us to stay focused on the details that make the difference between a thriving practice and one that is languishing in this sagging economy.

Medical Spa MD is an important resource that I recommend to anyone who wants to understand the trends and stay connected to the ever changing aesthetic community.



Paula D. Young RN: Young Medical Spa, Allentown - Lehigh Valley, PA

Paula D. Young RNTo really know what's going on in the aesthetic business you MUST join Medical Spa MD! Nowhere else can you find the information crucial to your success in this ever changing arena. From the classified ads section, to the professional community forum discussion threads, to real equipment reviews by aesthetic professionals. I especially value the articles on marketing and the community forum discussions on therapy management like melasma, fillers, laser lipolysis, and skin resurfacing. Medical Spa MD keeps me on my toes as a medical spa owner, marketer, and nurse!


Susan J. DeGuide, MD: Inovamed, Rockford IL

Susan J. DeGuide MD,InnovaMedI found Medical Spa MD several months ago and immediately added it to my “Favorites” list. I check the site several times a week to look through the new posts. I enjoy learning about new technology, expanding my knowledge of the technology I already own, and knowing that I’m giving the best available care. I would not buy a new piece of equipment now without first consulting Medical Spa MD.


Ronald Berglund, Former Medical Spa Franchisee. Sybaritic, Inc.

Ron Burgland, Sybaeritic...we no longer feel like we are "all by ourselves" out there. There are a myriad of challenges involved with operating a successful and profitable medical spa, including marketing, sales, operations and procedures, clinical, human resources, regulatory and legal. Another huge issue for everyone is choosing the best equipment for the price. With the help of the "medical spa equipment for sale" feature I have been able to sell several pieces of used equipment. Trying to use E-Bay and other Internet-based options was a nightmare.


Jeffery E. Epstein MD: Founder Medical Aesthetic Practice Association
& Cherry Hill Laser & Skin Care Center

Jeffery Epstein MD, Cherry Hill Laser & Skin

When we look back on the early 21st century with regards to Cosmetic Medicine, we will think of R. Rox Anderson, The Carruthers and we will think of Medical Spa MD. By providing this platform (Medical Spa MD), Jeff Barson has done more to advance Cosmetic Medicine than Anderson and the Carruthers combined. There has been a paradigm change in the cosmetic medical world and it can be directly attributed to Medical Spa MD!