Medspa: If you want to be remarkable, be unexpected.

If you want to be remarkable you have to provide an experience worth telling someone about.

Of course you looked at the image to the right. It's an ad for a condom and meant to get your attention.

Word of mouth marketing is one of your best friends as a medical spa. Happy clients bring in their friends and family. But what are you doing to make your medspa stand out? What is it about your clinic that's worth actually remarking about 'before' being asked?

Happy patients who like you are just a base line an a relatively low hurdle if you know anything at all about what you're doing and have the right IPLs or lasers. But clinics who are really making money have often learned that moving a patient from happy or satisfied to a zealot that actively seeks out opportunites to mention them can double their revenue. (Everyone has a couple of zealots. I'm talking about a large percentage of patients.)

The image above is unexpected and different, so it attracts interest and comment.

If you want to have patients remarking about you, you have to actually be remarkable.