Medical Spa Testimonials & Referrals

Third-party  and patient endorsements are a fantast way to provide credibility for your Medical Spa.

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Patient testimonials, third-party reviews and endorsements, media coverage these can all differentiate your medical spa, plastic surgery, or cosmetic dermatology practice and convince potential patients to give your clinic a shot.

Medical spa marketing along with search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (ppc) and even select direct mail can put your cosmetic practice in front of more potential patients, but real patient testimonials can provide the base level of ‘trust’ that initiates a first phone call.

Smart medical spas, plastic surgeons, and cosmetic dermatologists utilize these three third party validations:

Existing Real Patient Testimonials: (You’ve seen this if you’re not already doing it.) Prominent display of your patients saying nice things about you. Most of these are either not real, or they’re anonymous, diminishing their effectiveness. Video can be especially effective.

Trust Through Association: The reason that you’ll put your FACS, ASAPS, AAD, or ASDS logo on your site is to build patient trust. It works. Of course, these associations are completely restricted and very protective of their turf, leading to less restrictive medical associations who want to gain credibility. The reason MAPA was formed was to add some legitimacy to a group of non-core physicians. These associations are always pay to play.

Third Party Endorsements and Validations: Botox ‘premier providers’ is an example of third party endorsement as are others that are run by medical service companies. (If Medical Spa MD links to your site it’s a third party endorsement.) Interestingly, third party endorsements actually have a more favorable impact than association endorsements since the third party is often more ‘relevant’ to the initiation of a financial transaction.

Receiving these kinds of accolades or promotions from prominent third-party players is valuable, it validates your efforts and provides potential patients a level of instant comfort that you’ve already been checked out and are validated.

Subtle changes to the way you’re handling your patient testimonials and third party endorsements can produce dramatic effects, especially online, where the majority of patients are now searching for information.

Medical Spa MDs tested strategies for piling up and using real patient endorsements:

Seek out the places your patients are, starting with your existing medical spa or cosmetic practice. Smart thinking with your marketing tactics can reach far out into the community and gain the endorsements of prominent businesses and individuals.

Identify and select third-party recognition programs from high profile physician-respected sites like or medical associations you may qualify to join

Prepare legal and media write-ups: The media only runs two types of story; we found something good and, we found out something we thought was good, was really bad. Uncover the ways to build this kind of content that you can use on your own site, and share with you local media outlets.

Write strong cosmetic medical and human interest content with nice visuals: If your Thermage or breast augmentation before and after pictures look amateurish, you’re losing paying patients. Learn how to make your before and after photos consistent and attractive.

Give patient testimonials prominent placement: If you don’t have your patients smiling photo, full name, and a stellar testimonial, you’re less effective that you could be. Learn how to get patient testimonials that are truthful, candid, and really work.

Testimonials produce long-lasting, latent patient traffic increases, not temporary spikes: Effective third party endorsements and real patient testimonials work and drive patient flow, but not overnight.

If you’re not yet using real patient testimonials and prominent third party endorsements to drive patient flow, start now, your medial spa, cosmetic dermatology clinic, or plastic surgery practice will thank you.

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