Ageless Elane: Markeing your medical spa blog.

Ageless Remedies Medical Skincare & Apothecary has started a blog called Ageless Elane.

'Elane' has left a few comments on Medical Spa MD and she's added a back-link to her blog. That's exactly the right way to begin to build your profile and help your local patients find you on the web.

I'd suggest that Elane enable comments on the blog though. While it's very common to be concerned about unhappy patients ruining your site, spam and flaming is something you have control over and it's much better to have interaction with your patients that your perspective patients can see.

If you're adding carefully thought out comments that add real value, please go ahead and link back to your site if you'd like. While we're a 'spam magnet' and have to constantly remove thousands of spam comments, we're happy to help our Members with a little 'Google Juice'.

Better yet, submit a guest post on Medical Spa MD and realize the good karma and good life that comes along with helping other Medspa MD Members... and the tens of thousands of patients who visit this blog every month.