Service In Your Medical Spa

Your medical spa service is determined by what client's feel about it.

This weekend I was eating at one of my favorite restaurants when I noticed something different with the experience.

Usually, after ordering the waitress brings over a basket of magnificent, crusty rolls and cinimon butter. (They're really good and something everyone enjoys.) However, on this night our bread-basket arrived with just three rolls in the basket for a table of four.

When we inquired about this, the waiter informed us that the 'ration' had been cut in order to keep costs down AND prevent diners from filling up on free bread in the hope that they'd order more items from the menu.

I gues that's somewhat logical, but the effect that this actually had was very different. What could have been another great experience was overshadowed by this relatively small event.

This experience and some other posts I've read got me to thinking; there are times when we're all providing 'three roll service'. In the same way that this restaurant made a slight change that saved them a couple of dollars a day, and cost them many times more in lost business. Are are times when I drop the ball with the small things that people remember? I know that there are. Perhaps I don't call someone back as quickly as I could, or I don't take the time in an email exchange to pad the message with a sentence or two and it comes across as terse and angry.

There's a lot we can learn from a three-roll experience. It's always the small things that differentiate an experience.