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Print is now live.

Print is our newest Select Partner and one that we've built ourselves to address a very specific need for medical spas and cosmetic practices: how to handle direct mail and marketing with professional design that doesn't break the bank.

Print is designed to do just that. It's a site that has everything you need, from postcards, business cards, appointment cards and posters, all professionaly created and integrated into 'campaigns'.

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Now you can have your business cards, posters, referral and appointment cards match, ensure the highest quality design and printing, and get the price break. Nice.

Oh, and you can enter your own copy, address and even upload your logo to customize your marketing materials just the way you want. Click here for a demo.

Since we're doing something of a rolling launch, I'll be posting here about how to use Print MD to the greatest effect, but take a gander through the campaigns and see if there's something you like.

I'd also love feedback on the designs, copy etc. so If you'd leave a comment below that let's me know what you think I'ld be most appreciative.