Report Shows Teeth Whitening The #1 Most Sought Cosmetic Treatment

For 2010 Americans dream of cosmetic makeovers that tighten abs and leave a brighter smile, rather than those that erase worry lines and lift sagging facial features.

A poll of 2,227 U.S. adults by Harris Interactive on behalf of found that more than half of all adults (54%) would choose cosmetic work if money wasn’t a concern, and of those who would have work done, the majority (52%) would choose teeth whitening, followed by tummy tuck surgery and liposuction. Not surprisingly, a majority of women (67%), as well as 40% of men said they would also have cosmetic work done.

Few cite Botox as wanted.

In spite of being the most popular cosmetic procedure in the World, just 6% of the survey respondents who would choose cosmetic treatments indicated a desire to get Botox to treat face wrinkles. However the number rises to 15% among women aged 45-54.

Cosmetic Makeover Wishlist Shows Teeth Whitening Most Wanted

If money were not an issue, consumer interest by gender include:



% of total

% of women

% of men

Teeth whitening




Tummy tuck 29 39 13
Liposuction 29 34 19
Hair removal 25 31 16
Face lift 14 18 6
Laser skin treatment 13 16 7
Cellulite treatment 12 18 1
Hair replacement 11 5 20
Breast implants 10 15 1
Botox 6 3 8


The survey found the average teeth whiteing cost to be $417.