Shine Teeth Whitening: Custom dental tray video.

Shine Teeth Whitening posted this video demonstration of just how easy it is to take dental impressions these days.

Shine Teeth Whitening is a Select Partner of Medical Spa MD and provides a service that gives physicians and medical spas the ability to offer custom-made teeth whitening trays to their clients.

I wish I'd had their service in our Park City clinic about ten years ago. (Teeth whitening is the #1 most sought after cosmetic service.)

Shine: New Teeth Whitening Services For Medical Spa MD Members

Introducing Shine, teeth whitening services for Medical Spa MD Members.

We're extremely happy to welcome Shine to our growing number of Select Partners who are looking to provide quality products and services for our Members.

Shine's something new. It's a professional teeth whitening service  for Doctors, medspas and Clinics that allow any physician to offer custom teeth whitening, the #1 most requested and sought after cosmetic treatment, directly from their practice or medical spa withouth any equipment or long-term commitment. Just order 'teeth whitening kit's' and everything's included that will allow you to add the #1 cosmetic treatment to your services.

Here's how it works:

  1. You order 'Teeth Whitening Kits' from Shine. (Get a special offer here)
  2. Your client makes an 'impression' of their teeth that you ship back to Shine.
  3. Shine's dentist-trained staff makes custom teeth whitening trays and ships them back to you in 48 hours.
  4. Your client picks them up.

That's it. All of the shipping, packages, handling etc is included in the price. Of course you're buying wholesale and your selling retail. You also have the ability to white-label your own teeth whitening pens or use them as promotional items, giveaways, or just sell them retail.

As a Medical Spa MD Member you can call the president of Shine, Vic Conner directly at 801 865-850. (If you're not yet a member you can join here. It's free.)

The smartest next step? Order two trial kits and use them yourself. See how fantastic the service, product, and results are... It's rare that you can offer a product that you can essentially guarantee a result from but this might just be it. After all, the suggested retail price for a Shine custom teeth whitening trays, gel, etc is between $250-$350.

Here's some more about Shine from their press release:

No teeth whitening equipment required

Shine Teeth Whitening Services now offers professional teeth whitening services at wholesale prices to Medical Spa MD Members throughout the US and Canada.

These custom fit teeth whitening trays and professional strength carbamide peroxide gel can bring new profits and an exciting new arm of service to tanning salons, chiropractors, and day spas throughout the U.S. and Canada.

As a Medical Spa MD Select Partner, Shine Teeth Whitening gives every aesthetic practice a way to participate in revenue and profit of the burgeoning $300M teeth whitening industry with no training and no equipment required. Shine is an outsourced lab that provides custom teeth whitening kits and professional strength whitening products. The Shine team is trained by a certified dentist to create custom fit pliable whitening trays, which are the most comfortable and effective means of consistent and lasting teeth whitening. Shine provides these custom fit trays in conjunction with professional strength 22% carbamide peroxide gel for maximum impact. With Shine’s custom fit teeth whitening trays, an amount of gel as small as a match head is enough to provide powerful whitening to the entire front surface of the upper and lower 6-8 teeth in your smile.

The custom trays ensure the gel will stay safely contained in the tray, away from your gums, to prevent sensitivity. Are you a coffee drinker? Colas? Fast foods? No problem! With a custom whitening kit, clients can achieve professional whitening at home while working out, reading or cruising the internet as often as needed—and at a fraction of the cost of an equivalent kit from a dentist’s office--to keep their smile perpetually bright. For practices who provide laser whitening services, pairing that service with a custom kit for home whitening will ensure that your clients’ whitening progress—and their satisfaction with your whitening services—remains as strong as it was on the day the laser threatening occurred in your office, to avoid the typical degradation of their whiter teeth shade over time.

How to Participate

Shine provides dental impression putty and trays in pre-measured kits with easy instructions to help your clients capture a perfect impression. Send the impression to Shine in the pre-addressed mailer and we’ll return your client’s completed kit to your office for pickup within 5-10 days. To help you try Shine’s new service, for a limited time we're making available a special offer of a set of two sample teeth whitening kits, custom trays, manufacture and shipping. When you are ready to provide Shine to your customers, simply order our pre-measured kits as often as needed at our low wholesale price and sell the completed kits (MSRP $230-$300).

Portable Whitening Pens

Shine’s portable whitening pens are one of our most popular products. At $5 (US) and up wholesale, these fun and easy aluminum tubes are easy to private label for your own practice. They deliver professional strength whitening gel through the brush tip of a slim wind up cylinder small enough to fit in a purse or a pocket. These portable tubes sell for $25 and up on popular retail sites like Amazon and Sephora and are great for travel, for touch ups, and are especially popular with young adults and for teens.

Report Shows Teeth Whitening The #1 Most Sought Cosmetic Treatment

For 2010 Americans dream of cosmetic makeovers that tighten abs and leave a brighter smile, rather than those that erase worry lines and lift sagging facial features.

A poll of 2,227 U.S. adults by Harris Interactive on behalf of found that more than half of all adults (54%) would choose cosmetic work if money wasn’t a concern, and of those who would have work done, the majority (52%) would choose teeth whitening, followed by tummy tuck surgery and liposuction. Not surprisingly, a majority of women (67%), as well as 40% of men said they would also have cosmetic work done.

Few cite Botox as wanted.

In spite of being the most popular cosmetic procedure in the World, just 6% of the survey respondents who would choose cosmetic treatments indicated a desire to get Botox to treat face wrinkles. However the number rises to 15% among women aged 45-54.

Cosmetic Makeover Wishlist Shows Teeth Whitening Most Wanted

If money were not an issue, consumer interest by gender include:



% of total

% of women

% of men

Teeth whitening




Tummy tuck 29 39 13
Liposuction 29 34 19
Hair removal 25 31 16
Face lift 14 18 6
Laser skin treatment 13 16 7
Cellulite treatment 12 18 1
Hair replacement 11 5 20
Breast implants 10 15 1
Botox 6 3 8


The survey found the average teeth whiteing cost to be $417.

Offer custom teeth whitening at your medical spa.

We were approched by a company providing custom teeth whitening trays for companies and organizations as fund-raisers and asked if we'd allow them to sell wholesale teeth whitening kits to our Members as a Medical Spa MD Select Partner.

This would allow you to provide a custom teeth whitening service directly from your laser clinic or dermatology practice and be able to levergage the buying power of the entire Medical Spa MD physician community.

We've tentatively said yes.

The process would be straightforward and simple. You'd offer custom teeth whitening as a service to your existing clientielle. Your staff would take a mold of a clients teeth, send it off pre-paid, and in around 72 hours a custom tray and tooth whitening kit would be returned to your clinc. Your patient could come back in to pick this up, or for an additional fee you could send it directly to their home.

The cost is still being worked on but it should be viable at about 1/3 the cost that dentists are currently charging for this service. What you charge for this would be up to you but since this is a customized service I would expect it to be at least as profitable as an average clinics skin care sales.

If you're a medspa or cosmetic practice interested in getting a test run of this service, please contact us. We're looking to test this service before rolling it out and will offer a limited number of kits to medical practices at cost to get the kinks out of our processes.