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Healthy Aging also has a number of sites and blogs as well as their general publication online. Here are a couple of tidbits from their site.

Evidence-Based Practice Medical Spa

Implementing an evidence-based practice (EBP) change with health care professionals in a medical setting can be daunting, but implementing it in a practice where some staff members are not medical clinicians presents unique challenges. This article discusses an EBP change for the treatment of acne in adult women by nonmedical clinicians in a medical spa setting.
With organized team processes, documented plans for intervention and ongoing evaluation, evidence-based practice intervention should be sustainable. Nonmedical clinicians can learn that not all studies are scientifically strong. They can learn to carefully consider study details to determine scientific validity. And they can follow and use evidence-based treatment protocols. Read more.

HGH: Safe or Not

A recent editorial in the journal Aging Healthy (not to be confused with Healthy Aging reignited the debate of Human Growth Hormone as an anti-aging supplement. Last year the AMA came out against HGH, citing a lack of clinical evidence, yet physicians argue with that claim and continue to endorse its use.  Read more.