Your Medical Spa Frontdesk & Website SEO

Damn! That was a lot of work but we now have a special website SEO reporting tool installed directly in Medical Spa MD.

Frontdesk SEO is a Select Partner and the uber-cool Frontdesk SEO reporting tool is now available directly from this site.

For those of you who have not yet run one of Frontdesk's website report on your site, you'll want to ASAP. It's somthing akin to a credit check for your website and gives you a look at your Page Rank, links, SEO, competion, trends, and lets yo knowwhat Google, Yahoo, and Bing think of your website.

The report is free of course, but you'll undoubtedly receive an email at some time in the future about Frontdesk's do-it-yourself SEO software or outsourcing services (Which are fantasitc by the way and we use them ourselves). That's the trade of course, which is fine. After all, we're all capitalists here.