DIY Botox Injections

The do-it-yourself DIY Botox movement must be stronger than I though.

Evidently there are a large number of women who aren't put off by the though of injecting themselves with a paralytic. I guess these women are not needle-phobic either.

According to a web based poll, an English beauty site found that more than one in five women would conduct DIY Botox but only 11% would dare to cut their own hair.

Taking at-home do-it-yourself cosmetic medical treatments to a scary level, according to the poll of 1,356 UK women by,  22% would consider injecting their own face or forehead with a do it yourself Botox kit.

53% said that the decision to have Botox could be influenced by word of mouth.

78% of women would rather have liposuction surgery to lose weight than diet and exercise.

34% of women want liposuction but not sure if they want laser liposuction.