Micro Needling: Collagen Induction Therapy

Collagen Induction Therapy & Micro-Needling

We used to offer Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT or Microneedling) way back in 2002 or so.

Patient reaction was mixed and we quickly learned that friends and family were best left in the waiting rooms since the actual treatment appears quite barbaric and medeval. The needles are bound to a wheel and since the don't go straight in and out they 'pull' on the dermis and sometimes have bits of flesh on them. Then there's the blood. It stops quickly but it can appear nasty.


CIT has been around for a while now so it's hardly something new (as medical spa or nonsurgical cosmetic treatments go), but it's possible that it has been gaining use. Perhaps there's demand to start a Collagen Induction Therapy user group on Medical Spa MD like those for Fractional CO2 lasers or Lumenis ActiveFX and DeepFX.

If you're and active CIT proponant or detractor please let us know here or start a user group if there's enough interest.

Precisely what is Collagen Induction Therapy & Micro-Needling?

A treatment solution works with a small portable product called a derma roller which is lined many different teeny tightly spaced needles. When the item moves across the epidermis, all the fine needles make tiny holes allegedly without damaging the skin. In spite of this, it has a word of caution that you can draw blood and that using a topical anesthetic is preferred based on the length of the particular needles together with the amount of force applied. The outcomes of just one survey cautions that top quality devices need to be employed, as inferior instruments could leave bits of shards of needles inside the dermis.

The reasoning behind micro needling is just like plenty of various nonsurgical collagen creating procedures that try to cause managed harm under your dermal area, as a consequence inducing one's body to create collagenin the treated area. That face produces more skin reacting to this injury, minimizing the appearance of marks, stretch marks, along with fine wrinkles.

CIT may be distressing when too much pressure is used, even if quite a few individuals identify a procedure as being only "mildly awkward". The particular items will be offered utilizing numerous needle measures, which may always have an affect on the person's satisfaction. Additionally, various medical doctors give anesthetic before each treatment.

Amongst most of the micro-needling's promises are usually repair for everything from striae and keloids, to creases and serious hair loss. It can be likewise stated for being useful for dramatically boosting assimilation of utilized skin formulations and elimination of lumpy and bumpy skin.

Still, there seem to have been a couple medical research demonstrating micro needling as potent in the treatment of scars. On the flip side, We've viewed Television interviews using doctors which have explained that the genuine benefit lies in micro-needlings mechanical exfoliation actions in that skin.

Micro-needling is offered as more than a single treatments in certain physicians and plastic surgeons clinics.