The Most Expensive Cosmetic Medical Treatment You Can Buy


DIVA Premium Vodka advertises itself as The Most Expensive Vodka You Can Buy.

It's triple distilled and produced by Blackwood Distillers of Scotland. The vodka is made with natural spring water and triple distilled through diamond and ruby sand. (A bottle starts at $6,033!)

DIVA positions it's brand at the edge. It's almost a dare, and it proudly excludes people.

While others are trying to find ways to be the cheapest or fight for average. You need to have the guts to decide that you're going to do exactly the opposite of everyone else.

There are plenty of people who trudge along in the pack, trying to imitate the current trends and styles, happily following those in front, completely unremarkable.

Try, even as an experiment, declaring that you're outside of the mainstream. Be the opposite from what everyone else wants or is trying to be. is "Not even remotely funny."

Mighty Girl promotes herself as "World famous among dozens."

If you're in cosmetic medicine, you could advertise your Botox or filler injections as "The most painful treatment you'll come back for again and again."

To make yourself remarkable you need to find an edge.

It's almost a dare.