What Post-Neuromodulator Instructions Are Really Needed For Your Botox Patients

The most common instructions given to Neuromodulator injection patients post-treatment seems to be to avoid exercise, aspirin, and laying down for 4 hours. Every physician seems to have their own recommendatations, and none of them are the same.

Don't tie your shoes. Don't go bowling. Don't work out. Don't wear a hat. What?

I've heard physicians tell patients 4 hours, 12 hours, no sex tonight and everything in between. But it seems that if the Botox or Dysport has been injected correctly the outcomes are pretty much the same. In general you're probably well served by waiting a few minutes before you lie down or constirct the treatment area (wearing a hat) since the Botox very rapidly moves into the tissues. The window is proably quite short where the patient could affect the treatment in a negative way.

The one benefit of listing a whole slew of dont's is something of a CYA tactic (understandably) that gives you a little air-cover if the patient is unhappy in some way.

Happy to listen to opposing views.