The Very Worst Medical Spa Names

There are some terrible medical spas and some even worse names out there.

I've seen some really bad medical spa names that range from the insulting to the embarrassing to the 'I don't get it' to the just plain dumb.

Naming your clinic or medical spa is an important marketing consideration. If you aren't quite sure that you've hit the nail on the head, wait until you are. You don't want to get on this list.

(If you are on this list, I'm sorry, but you have an atrocious name.)

Here's my list of the worst that I'll add to from time to time as I run across terrible names.

  • Elegant Skin: Trite, corny, lame, and just plain tired.
  • Feel Worthy Aesthetics: Just plain insulting.

If you've got a favorite 'worst medical spa name' just add it as a comment with a link to the site...

Rules: It has to be a real medical spa... no made up names.