Push & Pull Marketing Within Your Medical Spa

Push Marketing is any type of marketing that pushes a client through your medical spas door.

It may be a referral from a satisfied client, or possibly a business partner. It may be an article in a publication, a video interview or a promotional video you made. To put it simply, it's marketing that covers everything except ads.

Pull Marketing on the other hand is anything that "pulls" a consumer through your door. These are mainly your marketing materials such as your main website and your advertising, especially those "Specials" ads. Don't forget that these "Specials" are targeting customers that are either unfamiliar to your practice or unfamiliar with your products/services.

It's obvious that higher conversion rate is expected from Push Marketing because people already have a general idea of what you are offering. Before they arrive at your door, they already hold a positive opinion of you. That is unless there's anything unfortunate that comes along the way. These bad marketing bridges may be as simple as poor office behavior, overpricing, etc. Generally speaking, you should be able to convert over 90% of all your push consumers.

In order to increase your conversions in the Pull marketing, it is important to focus on the consumer's trust. If you own an aesthetic practice, adding high quality before/after photos (this needs permission of course!) will definitely increase the consumer's trust as well as adding testimonials to your marketing materials and website from your customers. You can do so by providing testimonials in both writing and videos to your blog, newsletters and auto-responder emails.

If you are able to have access to passers-by that are potentially customers, consider putting banners in your windows showing before/after results. This is great if you're offering aesthetic treatments. But again, make sure you have the patient's permission to use their images, especially if it's in a very public form.

Medical Spa Branding: Getting Started

The big shots are only the little shots who keep shooting. - Christopher Morley

Your actions, over time, equal your brand.

It's determined through your output: the work you do, the products sell, the services you provide, and the content you create.  It determines how much money you make, and how much control you can exert over your career and your lifestyle.

If you're not exercising, you'll lose muscle tone and gain fat. If you're not working on your own brand, it'll backslide too. Rest too long on your laurels and you run the risk of undoing all of your hard work and fading in to the background. If your behavior, attitude and output contradict your existing position, your real positioning will change.

You're not going to need much to get started, just and understanding of how all of this fits together (this guide), some thought about your goals, and the effort to take action. Once you've determined your capabilities and decided where you want to be, you should be able to manage everything in your head, and a few bookmarks in your browser.

Your goals and were you want to be are up to you. We're going to focus on what actions you need to take to get you there.

Success is measured in years, not months.

To get started, read through this guide, give it a little thought, then act.

If You Can’t Lower Prices, Offer Higher Value

higher value

Our MedSpa, as most others, is severely limited in how low we can go on our prices. All of us in the industry pay roughly the same amount for our products, whether it be Botox, fillers, or equipment.

However, especially in this tough economic climate, our clients are looking for bargains. Price comparison shopping is a fact of life, and is made much easier for the consumer by readily available pricing information on the internet.

But low prices are not the only way (nor maybe the best way) to attract patients to your facility. To us at Canyon Lake MedSpa, the answer is VALUE: meaning, if we can’t lower prices, we have to offer more value for the money.

In our case, we offer free microdermabrasion/chemical peel (we almost always combine the two together) to any patient who purchases any other product or service. Additionally, if we hold a seminar or any other promotional event, we entice people to attend by offering free microderm/chem peel to all registrants. It takes very little time, and limited resources, to perform these procedures. And it gets people into our facility, gives us a chance to evaluate, speak with, and get to know them. Established and new patients alike can then be assessed for possible further interventions.

Even though these treatments are free, we never want the patient to feel rushed or feel less special just because they’re getting a free treatment. Taking your time now will pay off in dividends later on, when more lucrative procedures are scheduled.

Most importantly, our patients feel like they have received more value for their dollars, and it keeps them coming back.

In summary, service and value will trump lower prices in most markets and situations. Consider if it might be valuable for your facility.

Medical Spa Marketing: The Rise Of The "Social Shoppers"

How active are you in attracting new patients through your social networks?

The growth in the online ad market is undeniable. Double digit gains of over 20% for 2011 were seen and 2012 will likely follow suit. This mega trend in marketing has changed our marketing strategies in our practice as well as how consumers are choosing their cosmetic provider. I have seen many mature practices where 60% or more of their patients come from internet sources. I have several colleagues who currently grow their practice through web related activities or word of mouth referrals exclusively.

Patients seeking cosmetic services have evolved their research methodology considerably from simple web site searches a few years ago to a search that is much more comprehensive. Patients want much more information about their providers outside of a curriculum vitae and a smiling photo. Three years ago, outstanding patient result photos were enough (btw, most practitioners fail to remove outdated photos or marginal results). In the age of social media, I refer to a certain group of internet savvy patients as “Social Shoppers”. This means that essentially if they don't have a best friend that has personally experienced your practice, then they need to perform enough research to feel like they know your practice personally. An outstanding website with great results is a large portion of the picture, but patients want unbiased affirmation that you have the expertise and track record of results for their particular procedure of interest. In our practice, we have always emphasized specialization and core expertise. By only performing certain types of procedures and literally refusing potential patients, we have grown our practice in core areas and augmented our expertise. There are reams of data to support better outcomes when people focus on certain tasks repetitively. Variety is the spice of life but repetition is the sugar!

A task list to satisfy “social shoppers” 

  1. Encourage your patients to review you online. You have great results and there should be evidence of this online for your patients to see.
  2. Actively blog about topics relevant to your core expertise and interest area. Focus on being an expert in your community and region.
  3. Become involved in social media cosmetic services forums Realself.com.
  4. Find your voice. As your writing volume increases, you will find a voice that demonstrates your expertise, attention to detail, and empathy. 

Marketing Cosmetic Procedures: Thoughts About Where We Drop The Ball & How We Can Improve

To get any attention, you have to be different.

I review a lot of cosmetic surgery websites. I also peruse the local free specialty magazines found in every major city showcasing the local cosmetic surgical practices. There is one element they all seem to have in common – sameness. The colors are different, the logos distinctive, and the navigation is creative. But the content oozes with sameness. And truth be told, my own website is guilty of it as well!

Read More

Push Your Medical Spa Overboard With Customer Service

Some of the best marketing for your medical spa is not 'marketing' at all... it's incredible customer service.

(A regular physicians office is probably the very worst customer experience there is... and of course many medical spas are run by physicians who have started a cosmetic practice as an add or or a transition from a regular practice.)

Customer service is probably the easiest way to distance yourself from the competition.

Read the forums and you'll find lots of threads discussing how commoditized the market for Botox or laser hair removal has become, how much to pay your staff, and how Groupon is destroying everyone's margins... but you'll be hard pressed to find discussions about how to deliver service that generates sales.

But delivering great customer service is something that you should think of as driving sales, not lost time and a money-sink.

Our clinic staff operations were designed to provide fantastic customer service to everyone, but to really go above and beyond with selected patients in an effort to wow them, even if it cost us money. In fact, wowing patients had budget set aside from marketing.

 The key is make your customer ecstatic about your business by catering to what they need so they’ll tell their friends about it. In fact the more egregious the demand or the more dramatic the effort needed, the more likely that word about your clinic will spread. As anyone in cosmetic medicine can attest, you don't have to wait long for some stressed out patient who's a candidate. In one case a bride called us in tears on a Saturday morning asking if there was any way that she could get her mother and mother-in-law treated with Botox before her wedding on Wednesday morning... and they weren't arriving until 10PM that night. One of our physicians actually met the wedding party at our clinic on Sunday morning in order to make sure that the effects of the Botox had time to take maximum effect before the wedding. 

Most clinics or physicians would not have done this, they would have scheduled the treatment for Monday if they could fit them in and lost the opportunity to create fanatically loyal clients.

In the above case the physician went above and beyond even what we would ask, but the results were really quite remarkable. Within the following 45 days we had 8 new patient consultations that were directly attributed to that one event. (New patient consultations were something that I tracked carefully since our analytics showed that every new patient consultation was worth approximately $1,300 in revenue within the following 30 days.)

That Sunday treatment drove an extra $10k in revenue at that clinic that month. 

How you deal with your customer service will define your business and your revenues.

Some recommendations for fantastic customer service:

  • If you think that any customer is acting in good faith, don't even question what they're asking. Just do it. If they're unsatisfied, make them happy and take extra time to do it. (This is not a recommendation to deal with those who are clearly just trying to take advantage of you.)
  • The more hoops you have to jump through, the more likely word will spread. Dig out the really extraordinary ways that you can make a splash.
  • Other physicians and clinics aren't likely to offer this level of support. Focus on this and use it to your advantage.  All it takes is a few over the top customer stories, and people will talk, people will post to their Facebook page or Twitter account, and people will tell every friend they have about your clinic.

 Tell me I'm wrong.. or right. Tell your own customer service story in the comments.

The Very Worst Medical Spa Names

There are some terrible medical spas and some even worse names out there.

I've seen some really bad medical spa names that range from the insulting to the embarrassing to the 'I don't get it' to the just plain dumb.

Naming your clinic or medical spa is an important marketing consideration. If you aren't quite sure that you've hit the nail on the head, wait until you are. You don't want to get on this list.

(If you are on this list, I'm sorry, but you have an atrocious name.)

Here's my list of the worst that I'll add to from time to time as I run across terrible names.

  • Elegant Skin: Trite, corny, lame, and just plain tired.
  • Feel Worthy Aesthetics: Just plain insulting.

If you've got a favorite 'worst medical spa name' just add it as a comment with a link to the site...

Rules: It has to be a real medical spa... no made up names.

Why Medical Spas Fail Reason #2: Poor Advertising or Not Enough Advertising

Advertising is one of the biggest challenges facing an aesthetic practice because it is such a moving target.

There are so many variables that determine a successful advertising campaign.  In addition, what may generate a response at one point stops working eventually and you need to create a new strategy.  How do you know if you have “poor advertising?”  Where the “rubber hits the road” is your Return on Investment (ROI).  As a general rule of thumb, for every ONE dollar you spend, you NEED to get at least FOUR dollars back, if not more (a 4 to 1 ROI).  Why is this?  The key reason is that you STILL have all of your other overhead to cover.  If your advertising just pays for itself (a 1:1 ROI), then you will quickly be out of business.  Let’s use a simple example.  If I am investing $1,000 per month in Google Adwords, my expectation is to get at least $4,000 back in CASH revenue for my practice from that advertising expense (a 4:1 ROI).  If I just got $1,000 back (a 1:1 ROI), then all I’ve done is paid for the advertising and I still have all of my other overhead to cover (including those leases on equipment that I paid TOP DOLLAR for).

If you find an ad source is generating a 4:1 response, then you can often RAMP UP this advertising and generate more dollars.  What you begin to do is eliminate underperforming forms of advertising and invest MORE money in advertising strategies that are working. Whatever you’re advertising, you need to make sure you have enough margin built into the service you are advertising that it will be profitable.  You could sure advertise a special on $10 facials, however it may be difficult to make a good ROI on this type of service.  I always like to advertise the BIG GUNs services such as laser lipolysis, Thermage, Accent, etc.  These are services in which there is enough margin to make it worth your while and will help ensure a high ROI.

The greatest advice I have to give in this area is this:  YOU NEED TO COPIUSLY TRACK YOUR REFERRAL SOURCES.  Every call that comes in and every consultation that is booked needs to be assigned the correct referral source.  In our clinics, we require that when booking the consultation, a required field is to ask the caller how they heard about our clinic.  This referral source is fresh in the callers mind and it is now locked into the client’s information.  Our software program allows us to track how much revenue we generate by each referral source.  In this manner, it allows us to make intelligent decisions on advertising.  If advertising is not working (at least a 4:1 ROI), we pull the plug quickly.  Forget about “brand building” which is what the big boys do such as Coca Cola and Microsoft, we want and need DIRECT RESPONSE ADVERTISING to stay in business.  The key definition to direct response advertising is advertising that is designed to do one thing:  GET YOUR PHONE TO RING AND BRING MONEY THROUGH THE DOOR.

Not every prospective client calling your practice books an appoint, so there are now excellent ways to track EVERY referral source.  There are internet services available that allow you to assign individual telephone numbers, including toll free numbers to EVERY advertising piece you broadcast to your audience.  This allows you to capture key information such as:  (a) Total Calls Generated From Every Ad You Publish by day of the week, by the hour, and a myriad of other criteria.  In addition, since you know how much you are spending on your advertising, these services will also calculate your COST PER CALL.  As an example, if you are paying $1,000 per month for newspaper advertising and the total number of telephone calls you received from that ad source is 20 calls, then ($1,000 / 20 calls = $50 per call).  From my experience if you can get your cost per call below $50, then you are doing something right to get your telephone to ring.

What I also like about these services is you can actually record the telephone calls coming in to your practice.  How is your receptionist answering the phone?  How are her techniques?  Is she effectively booking 60 to 70% of prospective clients into booked appointments? Does she have an accurate grasp of the technology to answer basic questions?  Call tracking services such as these become INVAULABLE TO YOUR PRACTICE.  The reality is this.  You’re spending A LOT of money to get your phone to ring, you need to make sure you are capitalizing on this.

Since most practices don’t track their advertising, they are constantly shooting in the dark and trying new things without knowing what is truly working, except anecdotally.  One bad experience with a large outlay of advertising dollars without a lot of money in return can cause the doctor to retreat in fear and not do any advertising at all or very little advertising.  This becomes a downward spiral if you stop investing in advertising altogether.  It becomes a death sentence if you cease to invest in new leads for your practice.

External Advertising

External advertising represents advertising to people who are not currently your clients. Traditional forms of advertising have become less effective such as newspaper and the yellow pages.  Subscribership continues to fall away as is evident with several large newspapers going out of business.  When is the last time you used a yellow page phone book to find what you’re looking for?  The reality is the internet is completely replacing most of these traditional forms of advertising.

From my experience, you can save a lot of money by utilizing Internet Advertising.  There are several courses online that teach you how to do your own Google Adwords Advertising.  If you want to save significant money in the long run, you should develop this expertise in-house versus outsourcing this to an outside company.  In addition, many new internet mediums have exploded into the marketplace such as Facebook.  These new mediums have generated significant leads for the clinics I have associated with and are worth investigating.

Internal Advertising

Internal advertising represents advertising to your own client database. We all know that it costs a lot more to obtain a new client that to retain one.  If we assume you are providing the best possible service to retain your clients, the missing piece in most practices is developing a system to advertise to your own clients and keep them coming back.  If you have clients who love your clinic and your services, they welcome your offers and they want to hear from you! Continue to send them special offers available to “established clients” only to make them feel special.  Your ROI on your warm list of clients will be substantially higher than mailing to a “cold” list of people you are trying to obtain as new clients.  It is not unusual to receive a 10 to 1 ROI or higher with this group.

The amazing part of this, your advertising in this area doesn’t have to be expensive.  It can be a very simple letter or postcard or even telephone call.  Mailing out a simple letter that you mail-merge with your database personalizes your contact with the client and helps them feel unique.  You can promote new services and aesthetic devices you have recently acquired and offer “members only” pricing your database.  Emailing your clients is also good, but I have found my response rate drops off too dramatically to just rely on emails alone.  Emails should be coupled with a physical mailing such as a letter.

There are also services available that allow you to upload your list of clients to an online database.  You can then record a single telephone call and broadcast this single message to all of your clients!  It is an amazing tool that can really add a personal touch to your practice and leverage your time.  The doctor would record the call, thanking the client for their business and informing them of new services and offers available.  The message is only left on voice mail so the client doesn’t know it was a recording.  It is an exceptional service and I highly recommend it.  It ends up costing you approximatley 0.06 cents per phone number.

Get more patients with better advertising, find out how you can attract more patients in your practice or clinic.


Vin Wells

Vin Wells, MHSA,  is the President and Founder of RockBottomLasers.com and has over 11 years experience in the aesthetic laser industry. Mr. Wells started his own chain of aesthetic clinics under the brand name Skinovative and opened his first medical spa in Boise, Idaho in February 2001. Mr. Wells continued to grow and operate aesthetic clinics for over 8 years.  Since 2008, Mr. Wells has focused on selling used aesthetic equipment to physicians and medical spas.

Mr. Wells received a masters degree in Health Services Administration from Arizona State University (1995) and has extensive practice management experience, working with a number of different hospital and outpatient care systems.

Mr. Wells has developed a number of business operations systems that help aesthetic clinics to maximize their profitability, including: Aesthetic Consultation Training, Medspa Management Training, Medspa Business Plans, Medspa Operations Manuals, and Front Desk Operations Training.  These products can be found at: SkinSalesTools.com

Mr. Wells completed received his bachelors of Science degree at Brigham Young University in 1991 and continued his education at Arizona State University, in Tempe, Arizona, receiving a Masters in Health Services Administration in 1994.  He has worked for a number of different health care organizations including as a Program Director for group of primary care clinics (Arizona Association of Community Health Centers), a Health Care Manager for a hospital network group (Arizona Healthcare Federation), and as Associate Director for the Arizona Council for Graduate Medical Education.

Mr. Wells has devoted considerable time in research the latest cosmetic trends and treatment modalities. He stays current on the cutting edge of such research and uses this information to make strategic decisions for the company.  He has a broad understanding of lasers and has been certified in laser biophysics and theory.

Mr. Wells was successful in developing a Laser Certification Program that was approved by the Arizona Radiation Regulatory Agency, the agency that oversees the use of medical lasers in Arizona. The program involves 40 hours of laser didactic curriculum as well as hands-on laser training.

PrintMD.net - Medical Spa Marketing

Print MD.net is now live.

Print MD.net is our newest Select Partner and one that we've built ourselves to address a very specific need for medical spas and cosmetic practices: how to handle direct mail and marketing with professional design that doesn't break the bank.

Print MD.net is designed to do just that. It's a site that has everything you need, from postcards, business cards, appointment cards and posters, all professionaly created and integrated into 'campaigns'.

View all campaigns

Now you can have your business cards, posters, referral and appointment cards match, ensure the highest quality design and printing, and get the price break. Nice.

Oh, and you can enter your own copy, address and even upload your logo to customize your marketing materials just the way you want. Click here for a demo.

Since we're doing something of a rolling launch, I'll be posting here about how to use Print MD to the greatest effect, but take a gander through the campaigns and see if there's something you like.

I'd also love feedback on the designs, copy etc. so If you'd leave a comment below that let's me know what you think I'ld be most appreciative.

Interview With Jessica Wadley, Former COO Of Spa MD

This episode of the Medical Spa MD Podcast introduces us to Jessica Wadley, former COO of Spa MD, who brings years of Medical Spa business experience to share with our members.

In part 1 of this podcast we discuss a host of issues around medical spa operations, sales, marketing, startup costs and staffing. We've got some agreement and you'll want to listen to how our thoughts (and strategies) differ around commission structures for staff and internal operations and training.

We also discuss how Spa MD went from $3m a year in revenue to over $12m in gross revenue within four years so you'll want to hear that.

Writing For Your Medical Spa Site or Facebook Page

There's a pretty common concept in advertising copywriting (and phychology), I forget what the technical name is, but the main point is that as you're writing copy, you're constantly opening and closing loops in your readers' minds to encourage them to read further.

Let me give you an example of what openeing a loop might look like:

"Frontdesk SEO also gives you access to several automated marketing tools that really drive traffic - but I'll share those with you in a few minutes. Right now, I want to tell you about the personalized attention you'll get from the Frontdesk support staff."

See how that works?

I said I'm going to tell you about something in a minute, so it's kinda like a little "tease". It opens a loop, a question, in the readers mind that they want answered. They'll continue reading to aleviate that psychological need and close the loop.

It's the kind of thing that you should keep in mind when you're writing for your medical spa on your facebook page or social media sites (if you're not oursourcing that to Frontdesk or Freelance MD already.)

Marketing Your Medical Spa With A Blog Part 1

Part 1: How to market your medical spa, laser clinic or plastic surgery practice with a blog.

In Part 1 of this video series on building patient traffic with social media, Alex Panagiotopoulos of Freelance MD explains how plastic surgeons, dermatologists and laser centers are using blogging and blog marketing to increase patient traffic and increase SEO for their websites and clinics.

Marketing Your Medical Spa With A Blog Part 2

Part 2: How to market your medical spa, laser clinic or plastic surgery practice with your own blog.

Alex Panagiotopoulos of Freelance MD explains how plastic surgeons, dermatologists and laser centers are using blogging and blog marketing to increase patient traffic and increase SEO for their websites and clinics.

Add a Medical Spa MD Badge to your website.

Member Badges

Identify your site as part of the most respected physician community on the web. Insert the following code into the HTML of your web site to place a Medspa MD Member Badge.


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Medical Spa MD Free Member Downlad Files are intended for the personal use of Medical Spa MD Members and protected by copyright. All other copyrights are owned by their original owners. By downloading this content you agree to be bound by Medical Spa MD's terms and conditions.

Marketing Your Medical Spa With Facebook Photo Albums

We've already covered how to launch a Facebook page, what to post, and how to advertise your social media pages. Today we're covering photo albums on Facebook.

Facebook photo albums are a great tool for showing off what you do best.  If you've ever used Facebook on the personal side, you've probably noticed how easy it is to flip through a large number of photos.  For example, if your friend posts 200 pictures from their trip to Italy, you can get through them in about ten minutes using the right and left arrows on the keyboard.

If you are engaging existing patients and customers and attracting their friends and curious local consumers through giveaways and any publicity your page garners, then posting a photo album of your best Botox before/afters is a non-obtrusive way of showing off what you do best.  Although it is easy to simply throw up the same pictures that you have on your website, Facebook gives you the ability to write little captions below the pictures, with photo-tags where you can highlight areas.  This is not an annoyance, but an opportunity.

As you can see below, this sample before/after has a detailed note that casual consumers can appreciate, as well as a link to your website and your phone number.  This puts you above your competitors, most of whom simply have an assistant slap up a bunch of pictures without explaining what the procedure is.

An unfounded concern of many medical spas is the photo authorization needed to put photos on Facebook.  If your patient signs a waiver that authorizes you to put their photo on your website, that also applies to Facebook, so no worries there.

You can mass-upload albums of before/after albums with your comments.  Another idea is fun is to organize things chronologically, and have albums like "March 2010 Botox."  This builds up trust with consumers, who know you aren't just cherrypicking your best results from ten years ago, but are routinely getting great results.

You should also have an album of staff in action, like a facial, massage, or the receptionist smiling warmly by the front door.  If you do events, have a photo album for each event showing how informative and fun it was.  If you're a guest on the local tv morning talk show, get a picture with the host and post it.

Your photo albums can be an organic extension of what's going on with you and your practice.  Most of the time, these pictures are already being taken, you just have to use them! 

Social Media For Cosmetic Surgeons & Medical Spas.

Social media is a major reason why traditional forms of media are collapsing across the country.

Major newspapers and tv stations are cutting staffs in half or closing up altogether, in the face of declining audiences and sagging ad revenues. Social media gives people the chance to create their own virtual newspaper, completely comprised of what they're interested in. If a topic is boring or irrelevant, it's gone. Social media groups and pages make this possible, because no matter what the topic, there's a social media group dedicated to it.

A 45 year old mom in Sacramento, for example, might not be interested in sports, but she likes California politics, wine, the TV show Lost, the actor Antonio Banderas, and beauty.  On Facebook, she can be a Fan of "California Senate Democrats", Red Red Wine - Sacramento, Lost, and Antonio Banderas. On Twitter, she can follow @CAPoliticsRSS,@thegrandwinebar, @Lost_initiative, @oficialantonio, etc. When it comes to beauty in Sacramento, she can follow her hair salon, favorite spa, plastic surgeon, etc.  Every day when she logs in, she'll see what's going on in the state senate, hear about last night's Lost episode, read about Antonio Banderas' upcoming movie, and see all of the specials, before/after pictures, and upcoming events at her favorite local beauty providers.

These are all examples of direct social media exposure. Someone knows who you are, they become your fan/follower, and whatever you post will be seen by them. We've already covered how to start and sustain this attention in previous blog posts. Once you're established with existing customers and patients, the next step is to get random local consumers who are interested in you to find you.

One extremely cost-effective method is to buy pay-per-click Facebook advertising for your fan page.  These 160-character ads with a small JPEG and link to your Fan Page will run down the right side of certain certain people's web browsers while they are on Facebook.

The beauty of PPC Facebook advertising is that it can be extremely targeted, and you only pay for the local people who click on the ad and check out your Facebook page. If you have a promotable event coming up, such as a giveaway day or a live procedure that you are performing on Facebook, they are highly recommended. 

For example, you can specify that you only want the ad to be seen by women between the ages of 18 and 64, within ten miles of Sacramento, who list an interest in any of the following: beauty, shopping, tanning, travel, jewelry and spa days, the TV shows Nip/Tuck, Real Housewives, Glee, and Jersey Shore.  You can add as many keywords as you like, and remember that due to the public nature of Facebook profiles, few people are going to brazenly volunteer to the world that PLASTIC SURGERY, BREAST AUGMENTATION, AND INJECTABLE FILLERS are their interests. But they will say they like beauty, or the tv show Nip/Tuck. 

According to Facebook, this ad will be seen by 14,200 people, and there will only be a charge of about 60 cents every time someone clicks on it to go to your page. The odds are pretty good that if someone lives within ten miles of your practice, likes the keywords above, and clicks on an ad that says a local med-spa is doing a live cosmetic surgery procedure on Facebook or is giving away beauty products, that they'll want in on the action.  You can set a minimum budget of $10 a day. If you are investing money in advertising, you have to promise yourself that you will keep the Facebook page updated with good content, or else it's a waste of money.

Be creative! Valentine's day is coming up. If you have some sort of spa day or gift set special that you'd like husbands to get for their wives, put up a detailed post with pictures and video on your fan page, and then create an ad that targets local men over 30 who mention having a wife in their profiles.

Just like with traditional media, there's paid PR (advertising), and earned PR. You have to convince third parties to cover you. Our next social media post will cover this! 

Medical Spa MD Members get a Podium patient review marketing account and save $1,257

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