An Interview With Dr. Mary Lupo Of Lupo Center For Aesthetic Dermatology

Mary Lupo MD, FAAD Board Certified Dermatologist New OrleansDr. Mary Lupo runs the Lupo Center for Aesthetic Dermatology in New Orleans.

As the founder of Tulane University's resident's cosmetic clinic, a Platinum plus Botox and Juvederm provider, and a clinical instructor for Allergan, Dr. Mary Lupo knows her way around injectables. In fact, she launched Botox to physicians in Austrailia in 2007. We wanted to hear what Dr. Lupo has to say about how she manages her dermatology clinic and her lifestyle as a physician.

Name: Mary P. Lupo MD FAAD
Location: New Orleans, LA

That's interesting: Dr. Lupo received the Peterkin Award for original research in skin lipids and inflammation in patients with atopic dermatitis. Author of over 50 publications and presentor of over 230 presentations. Researcher, author, lecturer, teacher. Founding co-director of the Cosmetic Boot Camp in 2005. Past-president of the Women’s Dermatological Society and former member of the board of directors of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery.

Can you tell us more about your clinic? What treatments do you offer? 

In 1983, while chief resident, I started a resident injection clinic at Tulane and made sclerotherapy and cosmetic injectables (at that time Zyderm/Zyplast) part of the regular training curriculum. It was always something that interested me. I teach at that same clinic to this day.

I specialize in all things non-surgical: lasers and injectables. I started my practice just out of residency and have many different lasers and light devices  including Lumenis Lightsheer, Active FX and Deep FX, Fraxel Dual, Excel V, Iridex Varilight, Cooltouch, Isolaz, Exilis. I treat all ethnic groups, all ages (as I do see medical patients).  Located in Lakeview in New Orleans, just blocks from 17th street canal levee breach after Katrina that shut me down for 4 months in 2005. I now employ one other physician and have 10 full and part time employees.

I have a trusted office manager who handles HR. I do not disclose my employee compensation, but I do reward productivity with profit sharing.

What are your thoughts about the technologies you’re using now?

My patients favorites are Fraxel Dual, Excel V, Lumenis IPL, and Exilis. I like companies who take care of me after the sale and have reliable equipment. Right now, I am most satisfied with Lumenis, Cutera and BTL.

Exilis has made me more money faster than any other device I have ever owned. I love my new IPL fromLumenis that I recently got to replace an unreliable IPL device. Fraxel Dual, athough having expensive disposables is a patient favorite because I can now do in one treatment what other fractional devices did not deliver in 3! And as far a hair removal, the Lumenis Duet is a game changer. It is my 3rd Lightsheer in 14 years.

How do you market your clinic?

Only via the internet. It is the only thing that has really worked.

I recently changed to a new SEO/web design company and they increased my gross collections by 30% due to their techniques.

What have you learned about practicing cosmetic medicine? What lessons can you share to physicians?

First, do good work. Learn from the best. Be fair and honest with patients. Learn the science and be blessed with artistry and success will come. My advice is simple: treat patients as you would want to be treated. Under promise and over deliver whenever possible. Have fun and be thankful you are lucky enough to be a dermatologist in such exciting and changing times. 

Be prepared for hard work. There is no shortcut to success. Don’t try to be me, just be the best “you” you can be. Every practice is different. Find yourself and you will find success.

What’s the worst decision you ever made as a physician and what did you learn from it?

Hiring another physician: be careful and choose someone who is capable, honest, humble, hard working and willing to work hard to achieve success rather than just cannibalize yours.

About: Board certified since 1984 (voluntary recertification in 2009) by American Board of Dermatology. Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Tulane Medical School and founder of the resident injection training clinic in 1983 when chief resident. Opened the Lupo Center for Aesthetic and General Dermatology in 1984 in New Orleans. Specializes in non-surgical skin rejuvenation. 

Dr. Mary Lupo is the past-president of the Women’s Dermatologic Society, Louisiana vice-chair for the Dermatology Foundation and member of the Annenberg Circle. She is on numerous committees for WDS, ASDS, and AAD. As director of Tulane’s Resident Cosmetic Clinic, she has taught fillers, Botox, sclerotherapy, chemical peels and laser therapies since 1984. As a member of the Allergan National Training Center and National Education Faculty, she teaches Botox Cosmetic injection techniques to other physicians. She has acted as a consultant over the years for Inamed, Bristol Meyers Squibb, Playtex, Kao Brands (Jergens, Curel, Ban, and Biore), Allergan (both skin care and Botox Cosmetic divisions) Dermik, Galderma, Stiefel, Neocutis, Ortho-Neutrogena, LaRoche Posay, and Philosophy.

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