Submit Embezzlement & Employee Theft Stories From Your Medical Practice Or Clinic

medspa embezzlementUnfortunately, employee embezzlement and theft in cosmetic medical clinics is commonplace. We're going to help you with that.

We've posted about theft and embezzlement before. Read: Embezzlement & Employee Theft: It can, and probably will, happen to you.

We're building a new loss prevention report that will cover this area and provide you with just about every trick in the book including:

  • How common embezzlement schemes are set up and how these criminals cover their tracks.
  • How thieves steal Botox and injectables to supply their side business.
  • Credit card and payment scams at the front desk.
  • Treatment room cash payments.
  • Inventory and product theft in the back room.
  • Everything else...

To do this we're reaching out to you, our Members and readers, and asking for your help. If you have inside knowledge of a situation that involved embezzlement or theft, that you let us know by submitting your story and giving us all the gory details. (No identifiable information is required so you can tell the story anonymously if you wish.)

We're compiling these submissions as well as drawing on our own experiences and contacting embezzlement and loss prevention experts to produce a comprehensive blueprint for protecting your clinic and your business that will give you insight into how these scams work, and how you can prevent them.

If you have any thoughts on this topic or what we should include, please leave them in the comments below.