Why We Only Accept 30% Of Applicants To Our LinkedIn Group

Getting in to the Medical Spa MD LinkedIn Group might be harder than you think. We only approve about 30% of the people who want to join.

We're not trying to be exclusionary, but we are wanting to make sure that we don't get overrun with salespeople and vendors, who are always trying to spam everyone. We're also active in taking down shameless business promotions and spam links, and we're forced to occasionally boot someone who is doesn't add any value and is just there to post their sales pitch.

We look at every profile of every person who applies to join the group. Here are some of our rules:

  1. No jerks; It's worded somewhat stronger on the rules page but that's the basic idea. It covers a fair amount of territory and has stood the test of time.
  2. No direct solicitations; I want to hear about the latest and greatest, and you might be the person who runs the company or heads the sales force, but I want to know why that's the case, not just see your lame link to your sales page.
  3. No sales-jockys; Sorry, I'm sure that you're great and that you just want to help me grow my business... unfortuantely, I've just had too many bad interactions with people who said the same thing and didnt' really add any value.
  4. No one who is not involve with 'medical' care; this is somewhat loose but we try. We understand that there's huge value in having staff members learn about and participate in ongoing education, not only for the treatments that they perform, but also for what you don't offer. To be approved, you have to have something medical in your profile.
  5. No connectivity; If you don't have quite a few connections you're not getting in.
  6. Something looks fishy; Again, this is something of a judgement call and we don't always get it right (we error on the side of protecting the community so our appologies to anyone who didn't get in but had the best of intensions) but we try our best.

That's just how we roll. http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Medical-Spa-MD-1921044/about