Timebridge Simplifies Scheduling

Schedule a meeting in seconds. (It's actually magic.)

From the good-to-know folder: If you're scheduling a lot of meetings, or if you want to let others request meetings with you, make your life easier and get a free Timebridge account.  

Once you create a free account and sync your calender, creating a new meeting (even complicated ones with multiple people) is simple and fast. Just enter the emails of your attendees, select a few times that work for you, and enter where or how you want to meet. That's it. You're done. Timebridge will contact all of the attendees, gather their meeting preferences, find the best time, send out all of the invites and reminders. The next interaction you have is the actual meeting.

Timebridge already has 250,000+ business users and has also launched the ability to share your calendar and let other people request meetings with you.

(Timebridge syncs with either Microsoft Outlook or Google Calender so you'll need to be using one of those for this to work.)

It already comes built out with a host of integrations and capabilities like free conference calling, notifications and reminders, etc., but one of the most exciting features is the "Meet With Me" ability to make a calendar public and let others request meetings. This ability to allow others to request meetings isn't completely built out yet, but more is promised shortly that may allow you to use it as an automated scheduling system for your clinic. If you're using an installed system that you're paying hundreds a month for this single feature should be music to your ears.

Of course the main use right now is scheduling meetings with other people.

Here's how easy it is to schedule a meeting:


Since it's free, I'd suggest creating an account and staying abreast of updates even if you don't use it every day. If they get the Meet With Me functionality built out to where you can use it to schedule appointments it could save you a wallet full of cash as well as save you time.

You can sign up for a free account or learn more at http://Timebridge.com

Why We Only Accept 30% Of Applicants To Our LinkedIn Group

Getting in to the Medical Spa MD LinkedIn Group might be harder than you think. We only approve about 30% of the people who want to join.

We're not trying to be exclusionary, but we are wanting to make sure that we don't get overrun with salespeople and vendors, who are always trying to spam everyone. We're also active in taking down shameless business promotions and spam links, and we're forced to occasionally boot someone who is doesn't add any value and is just there to post their sales pitch.

We look at every profile of every person who applies to join the group. Here are some of our rules:

  1. No jerks; It's worded somewhat stronger on the rules page but that's the basic idea. It covers a fair amount of territory and has stood the test of time.
  2. No direct solicitations; I want to hear about the latest and greatest, and you might be the person who runs the company or heads the sales force, but I want to know why that's the case, not just see your lame link to your sales page.
  3. No sales-jockys; Sorry, I'm sure that you're great and that you just want to help me grow my business... unfortuantely, I've just had too many bad interactions with people who said the same thing and didnt' really add any value.
  4. No one who is not involve with 'medical' care; this is somewhat loose but we try. We understand that there's huge value in having staff members learn about and participate in ongoing education, not only for the treatments that they perform, but also for what you don't offer. To be approved, you have to have something medical in your profile.
  5. No connectivity; If you don't have quite a few connections you're not getting in.
  6. Something looks fishy; Again, this is something of a judgement call and we don't always get it right (we error on the side of protecting the community so our appologies to anyone who didn't get in but had the best of intensions) but we try our best.

That's just how we roll. http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Medical-Spa-MD-1921044/about

Introducing The New & Free Medical Spa MD Physician Report

The Physician Report from Medspa MD is a free monthly report complied from physicians and clinicians in medical spas and laser clinics.

Medical Spa MD Physician Report

Each new report contains answers about what other laser centers, skin clinics and medspas are doing to manage their business, save money, and increase profitability, from opinions on IPLs and software, to marketing, staff compensation, and specific treatment modalities. It's the inside scoop on what other physicians are doing, and what they think.

The Report is distributed to more than 5,000 physician Members via email as well as mainstream and online media outlets.

(Members can also access the archive in the Members Only area.)

Get specific answers from leading physicians and cosmetic practices.

The Medspa MD Physician Report researches and tracks all aspects of what's working in cosmetic medicine (and what does not).

So, we're not an agency, consultancy or other vendor seeking your business. All of our research is published for the entire Medical Spa MD community to benefit from. Our goal - to give physicians and clinicians the information, stats, and inspiration to improve their medical (and business) results.

Do you want to know how other clinics are choosing technology, attracting new patients, or compensating their staff? Would you like to discover what's the most effective settings for your new fractional laser, and how to avoid problems and complications? Could you use more info about how successful clinics are growing their business, negotiating with vendors, or saving money?

Answer yes to any of the above you'll love this free monthly report.

Each month, a new report contains answers about what other laser centers, skin clinics and medspas are doing to manage their business, save money, and increase profitability, from opinions on IPLs and software, to marketing, staff compensation, and specific treatment modalities. It's the inside scoop on what other physicians and medical spas are doing, and what they think.

Medical Spa MD researches what works in cosmetic practices through exclusive case studies, surveys, interviews and data analysis. Then we publish and distribute the report monthly to more than 5,000 Medical Spa MD Member Physicians as well as online and mainstream media. Join Medspa MD to receive the report.

Medical Spa MD Physician Report

Physician Report FAQ

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

How Do I get The Report?

Just join Medical Spa MD. It's free, which is a terrific price. (Members are able to download archived reports from the Members Only Area.)

What's in the Report?

Specific answers from other physicians and clinics. Each month, we email specific questions to physicians practicing cosmetic medicine and compile their answers into an easy-to-read Report that's then distributed to our Members. It's easy to read and provides information about what physicians practicing cosmetic medicine are thinking and doing to manage, control and grow their business.

But that's not all.

We also include specific case studies, interviews and we even have a sponsor area that will allow our Select Partners and other service and technology companies to offer one-time limited offers to our subscribers.

Can I contribute?

Yes. If you're a physician or clinician practicing cosmetic medicine, you can become one of our Contributing Members by submitting the form below. (The report deals with specific medical treatments and technology and is limited to licensed and practicing medical clinicians; MDs, DOs, PAs, NPs, and RNs)

Are Contributing Members Personally Identified?

No. Contributors are not individually identified inside the report. While clinicians can choose to identify themselves as a contributor on their own website by adding one of our badges, our process ensures that individuals are not associated with any specific response so that they can be absolutely candid in their responses.

Who are Contributing Physicians & Clinics?

Contributors are the clinicians that are in the trenches. They're the physicians and clinicians who own and run skin clinics, laser clinics, medical spas, plastic surgery centers, and cosmetic dermatology practices. Many of our contributors are Medspa MD Members but that's not a requirement.


Become a Contributing Member

Complete this form to contribute to the report.

If you're a licensed clinician (MD, DO, NP, PA, RN) and would like to be included as a Contributing Member, please fill out this form. You will then be added to our Contributing Members and receive a monthly questionnaire. (Submitting this form does NOT mean that you're a Medical Spa MD Member. You'll need to join Medspa MD to receive the report.)

After completing the application form you will be contacted by our team who will answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Questions?  Leave a comment and we'll answer them.

Medical Spa Classifieds: Used cosmetic lasers & IPLs

If you're in need of a new or used cosmetic laser or IPL you'll want to check out Medspa MD's classified listings.

Current listings include:

  • Palomar Starlux / Medilux / Estelux IPL Handpiece Refurbishing
  • Syneron Galaxy with 4 heads
  • Vibraderm Microderm Machine
  • Medical Director Wanted in North Carolina
  • Aesthera Isolaz Laser
  • Medical Spas for Sale

See all Medical Spa Classified Listings

Free Medical Spa & Cosmetic Surgeon Directory Listings

Take advantage of these free directory listings for your medical spa or laser clinic.

There are a lot of directories for laser hair removal, cosmetic surgeons or medspas... Here are some that are free and that I know are very good.

Add your clinic to the relevant directories.

New Skin Clinic & Laser Center Products

There are a number of new product launches for physicians, skin clinics and laser centers coming.

The first three or four of these will be launched over the next two weeks or so and include a webinar on how to protect and control your online reputation, a Botox training membership site that teaches physicians how to add cosmetic Botox and fillers to their existing clinical practice, some videos on social marketing and building relationships, a course in creating additional revenue for surgeons, and quite a few others. These are being launched in conjunction with other physicians and businesses to have information and expertise that are of value to our community.

You can find all of the current medspa products and services here.

We are also working on integrating a number of new technologies into our systems and providing greater conductivity for our membersand will be rolling out some new systems in the (hopefully) near future.

One of the principles that we founded this site (and Freelance MD) on is the idea that there are many physicians who have information that is of value but that is siloed and unavailable outside of the confines of a medical conference or seminar.

One of our goals is to take that information, specialized knowledge and skill set and to make it much more widely available to physicians who want and need it. We're doing this by building information products and membership sites that allow very specialized information a broad reach and benefit both the author and the consumer.

We will be announcing a number of these products in the next few weeks... and besides just building in the announcements of these new products, I'll be diving into great deal of detail about how we produce this content and how physicians can benefit from it. My hope is that you'll take a look and give this new system a chance.

PS: As a side note, if you're a physician or medical service provider that has some specialized knowledge that  would benefit from a wider physician audience please contact us and let's discuss if there is a way that we get that online.

New Medical Spa MD Products Coming Soon!

There are some new Medical Spa MD products under development for our Members.

I've been exchanging emails with a number of member physicians running medical spas and it has me thinking.

I'll first say that I generally don't like consulting with individual medical spas and don't generally do it. Yes, I've opened seven medspas and, yes, I have helped physicians and trained docs, but I decided long ago that the 'medical spa consultant' is most often a hack, has a terrible business model, and doesn't have any fun. That's not for me.

Many of the emails are general in nature; How can I improve my medspa's website, use patient testimonials, finance my clinic, etc... but there are a few bullet points that stand head and shoulders above the rest in terms of where a physician running a medical spa's concerns lie;

  • What technology should I avoid or buy?
  • How can I get the best training in new treatments?
  • How can I improve my business operations?
  • How can I drive new patients and increase my business?

There are a few other secondary contenders but these are the questions most often asked.

We've devoted a tremendous amount of time and effort on providing resources around some of these. You can read through thousands of insider comments in the IPL and cosmetic laser forums to see what other physicians and medical spas think of the technology they're using, or why they didn't buy something. There's also a tremendous number of posts and comments about business operations, marketing, advertising and more than a few about medical training, but I've come to believe that there are also some holes in our offering and some places to improve.

While you can use all of the information on this site to make better decisions, there are benefits to having everything put together in a logical format or product that you can use. While we've been fantastically effective in organizing our members and using our combined group buying power to get Select Partners that offer our Members discounted Botox pricing, malpractice protection, outsourced internet marketing, or postcard marketing there's a lot of insider information that's not so easily packaged up and offered broadly.

However, the feedback that I received from our Medical Spa Training Manuals has me thinking that we should be doing more to offer quality 'how to' products that physicians can actually use to address both their internal operations, and drive more patients and revenue.

The challenge has always been that it's just to much work to take the very best of this information, develop a comprehensive, quality product from it and then train an individual do on how to use it. It's just not an efficient model to deliver individually, without some sort of broader distribution to keep the cost at a manageable level for our Members.

But our growth has now put us in a position that we can scale. ; ) So, about a week ago we decided that we were going to organize and produce a number of new information products to address specific needs for our Members. (If you're not already a Member, join Medical Spa MD here.)

These products are not going to be general information, they're going to be specific 'how to' products that give you simple, plug and play directions that you can implement within days.

Medical spa products that we're working on right now:

  • The most comprehensive medical spa operations manual ever developed that details specific treatments and procedures, from how to answer the phone, to how to handle cash, to up-selling. This one product took me literally 16 months to write (when you see it you'll know why) and I used it in every one of my clinics every day. This isnt' some crappy 'template' that you'll get from a 'consultant' who couldn't make any money with thier own medspa and now wants to tell you how to run yours. This one product will change your medical spa into a real business that gives your staff the tools they need to perform at peak efficiency.
  • The Medical Spa Blueprint. A complete blueprint that speaks to physicians running medical spas or cosmetic clinics. The Medical Spa Blueprint will be a free strategic and tactial overview of the key points you'll be addressing in your clinic.
  • How to drive an extra $120,000 in revenue in one month. Yep. You read that correctly. I'm going to offer a product that's the single most effective revenue producing system I'm aware of. I've used it in every medical spa or cosmetic practice I've been a part of to drive revenue and it's NEVER failed to deliver spectacular results. I've used it to increase monthly revenue at a single clinic by up to $120k without canibalizing existing business. It is BY FAR the single best thing you can do to increase sales. The best thing about this system is that you can use it over and over to actually increase your profit margin with full-price treatments that don't erode your business.
  • Outsourcing for your medical spa. I started outsourcing a number of business functions years ago and have been running businesses with full-time outsourced team for the last five years. Most people give up outsourcing because they spend just as much time managing their team as they did when they were doing everything themselves. But if you do it correctly, outsourcing can free you to work on your business rather than just work inside it.
  • New site for Medical Spa Classifieds so that you can buy and sell your cosmetic lasers and IPLs.
  • New site for Medical Spa Jobs.

These products are going to take some time but as soon as we launch we'll make some general notifications. As always there will be no pressure to buy. If we're offering a product that's not for you, then it's not for you. We'll also be offering Members some introductory offers and additional free downloads that well be available in our Members Only area.

If you've never purchased anything from us (you're not alone), consider looking though the offerings of our Select Partners and making a test purchase. See what your experience is like and compare it with going it alone. We're confident that you'll not only have a better experience that you're having with your existing solutions, you'll be getting a better price.

Simple Tech Support For Your Medical Spa Staff

If you're looking to get out of the tech support role this Christmas, Google has a site for you.

Christmas is going to have more technology gadgets than ever, and they're all going to be connected and web enabled. If you've been handing the tech support for your parents since the VCR needed to be connected, you're days of wine and roses are here.

Google staffers (Googlers) have drafted a site that teaches the most technology-challenged among us how to take a screenshot, set up an autoresponder for your email, send large files or make a phone call with your computer.

This is a nifty resource that you can actually use to train your medspa staff. Nice.

PrintMD.net - Medical Spa Marketing

Print MD.net is now live.

Print MD.net is our newest Select Partner and one that we've built ourselves to address a very specific need for medical spas and cosmetic practices: how to handle direct mail and marketing with professional design that doesn't break the bank.

Print MD.net is designed to do just that. It's a site that has everything you need, from postcards, business cards, appointment cards and posters, all professionaly created and integrated into 'campaigns'.

View all campaigns

Now you can have your business cards, posters, referral and appointment cards match, ensure the highest quality design and printing, and get the price break. Nice.

Oh, and you can enter your own copy, address and even upload your logo to customize your marketing materials just the way you want. Click here for a demo.

Since we're doing something of a rolling launch, I'll be posting here about how to use Print MD to the greatest effect, but take a gander through the campaigns and see if there's something you like.

I'd also love feedback on the designs, copy etc. so If you'd leave a comment below that let's me know what you think I'ld be most appreciative.

Cosmetic Lasers, User Groups & Clinical Exchange Forums

Medical Spa MDs forums are getting some TCL.

With tens of thousands of comments, the navigation menu had pretty much outgrown the the previous navigation and was bursting at the seams. The only way to really drill down and find information was to search, and that's somewhat clumsy since you have to know what you're looking for.

We spend the last couple of days and nights attempting to create a better system that allowed physicians to brows by topic as well as have access to holistic search functions. It's still in need of a little tweaking but we're letting you see it now.

Medical Spa MDs new forums are divided into four broad categories:

These changes to the forums combined with the new area for Medical Spa MD Select Parterns should allow you to navigate the site and find information that's relevant to your needs more easily... at least I hope so.

We'll try to manage the places that posts are found and move them to the appropriate location when we can. Of course there's a huge amount of overlap. I've included pretty much any fat removal treatment under the Bodyscupting & Liposuction forum for example. While it's not perfect, I think it's much better to have only a few forums that you can peruse.

If you haven't used the forums before, please do. We have a very active physician community who are very helpful. Many of the best threads on the site were started with physicians asking very specific questions around treatments, techniques, and other 'down in the trenches' queries.

If you would like to have a forum added or think we've missed something please let us know. If there's enough content or interest we'll add it.

Also, if you're a physician who has some great information or something to say on any topic, please submit it as a guest post and help everyone out.

Effective Link Building Strategies to Increase Your Medical Spa's SEO

If you are new to "link building", it really isn't as hard as it seems.

Basically, link building is just a link from another website back to your own medical spa or laser clinic. The more back links your site has, the higher it will rank on the major search engines.

Link building can be very time consuming, but the FrontDesk SEO tool can really help you go out there and find the sites you should be listed on. This saves you a tremendous amount of time.

Because you will be resubmitting the same text over and over again, make yourself a document that you can keep all of your submission text on. This should include your Page Title, your website's URL address, a brief description of your practice, and important keywords. Website submissions also ask for a name of the submitter and email address. I would suggest setting up a email address with Google or Yahoo, one that you only use for submissions, this way your personal email won't become inundated with confirmation and/or spam emails as a result of your submissions.

View: 5 minute video introduction to linkbuilding and SEO

There are several types of link building methods you can do. Some are just basic data submissions, and some are blog and article submissions. I will describe the differences amongst the major link building methods:

Article Submission

There are directories on the web designed just for submitting articles and some for writing blogs. When you submit something you wrote about your practice or even a particular therapy you offer, you can attach hyperlinks to keywords in your article that direct the reader back to your website. Some quality sites are Squidoo, Hubpages, Blogger, and Wordpress.com. Let me show you how this works with just one line taken from a blog I wrote on my own blogpost:

"It's your body and you do have to be careful of who you choose to perform your laser lipo procedure. While no physician can have a 100% satisfaction rate, don't be afraid to ask questions about how long a physician has been performing these procedures, who they trained with, how many procedures do they perform a month, and also if they have any satisfied patients you can chat with. Also, it's important to ask to see a before and after photo book with their patients, and not someone else's."

By choosing a keyword you think your reader would be interested in, you can immediately direct them right to that page on your website with the hyperlinks.

Google considers a "Yahoo Directory" link as a quality back link. Unfortunately, they charge an annual fee of $300. It may be worth submitting to; however, there is no guarantee from Yahoo Directory that your site will be accepted.

Directory Submission

DMOZ is a directory worth submitting your site to. DMOZ is an Open Directory Project (ODP) mainly known as DMOZ which stands for "directory.mozilla.org" and is owned by Netscape. While DMOZ can substantially increase your SEO ranking, it's tough to receive their approval and the entire process could take months. If you are fortunate enough to receive their approval, many smaller directories use the DMOZ directory categories so if you can become listed with DMOZ this would mean you would also become listed on many other web directories as well.
There are other major directories you can submit to such as the BOTW (Best Of The Web) directory ($99/year or $299/permanent).

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is changing in it's effectiveness all the time. In social bookmarking websites, users save links publicly (not personally on their own computers) to web pages that they want to store and/or share with others. Usually, these bookmarks are shared within an individual "group" someone may subscribe to (such as "Laser Hair Removal"). You can add descriptions to your bookmarks in the form of metadata, or meta tags, so that other users can understand what the content is of your bookmark without having to download it beforehand. Different types of "descriptions" can include comments or even reader's votes (favorable or not - like on YouTube or Digg). Again, FrontDesk SEO makes this process relatively easy.

Blog Commenting

MedicalSpaMD is a blog and, like most blogs, it is highly susceptible to spammers like we have all seen and Jeff so diligently tries to eliminate on a daily basis as it can be a true nuisance for people like us who use this site as a valuable tool for your practices.

If you want to find blogs to participate in and comment on, try to find quality blogs that are related to what you do as a profession. Again, FrontDesk SEO can help with this. And when you add your comments, try to make them content-relative because not only do your comments add value to the blogpost in general, they also have greater chance of staying on the blogpost with a link back to your website.

Press Releases

Press Releases have worked well for me, and I'm not too proud to say that I didn't write the ones that really worked. There are a lot of good and bad example press releases out there and I am no exception. Writing a quality press release is an art and, frankly, I don't have the talent for them and pay someone else to do it. Let me give you an example of my own good and bad press release experiences.

While this press release still continues to give my website hits, all it is is words: Paula's Bad Example

Now look at the one I paid Fran Acunzo from Acara Partners to do for us. It includes a photo, links and even video: Paula's Good Example

If writing a good press release including videos and back links is not your forte, then it's worth it to farm it out. Just writing a good press release is half the battle. Submitting it to the right press release agencies that will index it effectively for you is the other half.

Social Media Sites

Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube work very well by providing quality and relevant back links to your site that all the major search engines love.

So, this is back linking in a nutshell and we can really go deeper into the categories, but I fear you will become bored or even glassy-eyed if you're not a geek like me. So if you don't have someone out there performing these activities for you and you really are serious about your web presence, you really might want to take a look at FrontDesk SEO and see what it can do for you. Just remember, building links doesn't increase your website's internet presence overnight. It does take some time, like my good friend Jeff keeps reminding me! In a world of available "instant results", it's hard to be patient sometimes! 

Author: Paula D. Young RN runs internal operations and training at Young Medical Spa and is the author of the Medical Spa Aesthetics Course, Study Guide, and Advanced IPL & Laser Training course for medical estheticians and laser technicians.

Submit a guest post and be heard.

Need A Critique Of Your Medical Spa Website?

OK, I'm ready to throw some rocks at a few of the medical spa and laser clinic web sites that I'm seeing.

If you'd like an expert (me) to take a look at your web site and let you know what I think about what you're doing right, and where you need some improvment, you can request a review from the contact form. (Just include the request in the body of the contact form.)

I'll review your site right here by making and posting a screencast of my thoughs and digging in to your site's structure, design, functionality and SEO attributes.

You'll get some insight about best practices and things you could be doing to drive additional patient traffic an increase your site's visibility, and everyone else will get to watch.

Request a review of your website >

Do-It-Yourself & Outsource Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

Frontdesk SEO is Medical Spa MD's newest Select Partner.

View the announcement here.

Frontdesk offers do-it-yourself SEO software that lets you use your front desk staff to market your business. (They offer outsource SEO as well.) You can start for as little as $59 a month which is killer.

If you haven't already, run a free SEO report on your website and see where you rank according to the major search engines.

This is the same system that we use at Medical Spa MD to keep our #1 rankings in all of the major search engines and I can't say enough about the back end and how easy it is to use and works eaqually well for any business or web site. And, if you want to kick it up a notch, the have outsourcing options that use their SEO experts to do the work.

Medical Spa MD Members get a Podium patient review marketing account and save $1,257

Protect your reputation. Get new patients. Medical Spa MD Members receive a special, full service Podium account that includes: no setup fee (save $300), a 10% discount forever (save $330/year) and on-demand patient review marketing training for your entire staff ($597 value).  This offer is not available anywhere else.

Free SEO Report for your medical spa or laser clinic website.

Free SEO report for your medical spa or plastic surgery website from Frontdesk SEO.

A free SEO website report from Frontdesk SEO lets you know how your website is ranking on the search engines.

Frontdesk SEO offers do-it-yourself search engine marketing software for businesses who want to use their existing staff—hence the 'frontdesk' monkier—to build search engine rankings, increase visibility for their potential patient population, and drive traffic locally.

Frontdesk has a free SEO report that can give you a feel for how well you're doing in the cut-throat competition online.

And, if you really want to dominate your local market, Frontdesk offers outsource SEO packages that unique, combining monthly phone interviews, press releases, social media, blogging and article distribution to give you some serious marketing power.

Medical Spa MD Select Partners

Medical Spa MD Select PartnerAs the world’s #1 physician community around non-surgical cosmetic medicine, Medical Spa MD's Select Partners offer discounted products and services as well as special customer service to our more than 4000 physician members worldwide.

Medical Spa MD Select Partners display this badge.

IPL & laser technology companies, service providers, publications, content providers and other businesses that sell to cosmetic medical practices and medical spas are partnering with Medical Spa MD to gain access to the tremendous buying power of our physician community. And our Members get special pricing and the trust that comes from the fact that Medical Spa MD stands behind every Select Member.

What makes a Medical Spa MD Select Partner?

  • Amazing Products & Services our Members want: To be included as a Medical Spa MD Select Partner, there has to be real value available to our world-wide community.
  • Exclusive Member Pricing: All Select Partners offer reduced, exclusive pricing to Members. In some cases our Select Members will build out entire new websites to keep this pricing from their existing clients.
  • Fantastic Customer Service: Select Partners must provide exceptional customer service to Members. Medical Spa MD is an active community and Members can complain directly to us.
  • Transparency: While we consider our Select Partners as just that, partners, our reputation comes first. When our Members buy from a Select Partner they know that we're standing behind that business.

Become a Medical Spa MD Select Partner.

If you meet the above criteria, let Medical Spa MD help you make the most of your marketing efforts. Consider joining the Medical Spa MD Select Partner Program — a way for you to access our incredible physician community. Or propose your own creative plan for partnering with Medical Spa MD. Apply here.

Offer custom teeth whitening at your medical spa.

We were approched by a company providing custom teeth whitening trays for companies and organizations as fund-raisers and asked if we'd allow them to sell wholesale teeth whitening kits to our Members as a Medical Spa MD Select Partner.

This would allow you to provide a custom teeth whitening service directly from your laser clinic or dermatology practice and be able to levergage the buying power of the entire Medical Spa MD physician community.

We've tentatively said yes.

The process would be straightforward and simple. You'd offer custom teeth whitening as a service to your existing clientielle. Your staff would take a mold of a clients teeth, send it off pre-paid, and in around 72 hours a custom tray and tooth whitening kit would be returned to your clinc. Your patient could come back in to pick this up, or for an additional fee you could send it directly to their home.

The cost is still being worked on but it should be viable at about 1/3 the cost that dentists are currently charging for this service. What you charge for this would be up to you but since this is a customized service I would expect it to be at least as profitable as an average clinics skin care sales.

If you're a medspa or cosmetic practice interested in getting a test run of this service, please contact us. We're looking to test this service before rolling it out and will offer a limited number of kits to medical practices at cost to get the kinks out of our processes.