Timebridge Simplifies Scheduling

Schedule a meeting in seconds. (It's actually magic.)

From the good-to-know folder: If you're scheduling a lot of meetings, or if you want to let others request meetings with you, make your life easier and get a free Timebridge account.  

Once you create a free account and sync your calender, creating a new meeting (even complicated ones with multiple people) is simple and fast. Just enter the emails of your attendees, select a few times that work for you, and enter where or how you want to meet. That's it. You're done. Timebridge will contact all of the attendees, gather their meeting preferences, find the best time, send out all of the invites and reminders. The next interaction you have is the actual meeting.

Timebridge already has 250,000+ business users and has also launched the ability to share your calendar and let other people request meetings with you.

(Timebridge syncs with either Microsoft Outlook or Google Calender so you'll need to be using one of those for this to work.)

It already comes built out with a host of integrations and capabilities like free conference calling, notifications and reminders, etc., but one of the most exciting features is the "Meet With Me" ability to make a calendar public and let others request meetings. This ability to allow others to request meetings isn't completely built out yet, but more is promised shortly that may allow you to use it as an automated scheduling system for your clinic. If you're using an installed system that you're paying hundreds a month for this single feature should be music to your ears.

Of course the main use right now is scheduling meetings with other people.

Here's how easy it is to schedule a meeting:


Since it's free, I'd suggest creating an account and staying abreast of updates even if you don't use it every day. If they get the Meet With Me functionality built out to where you can use it to schedule appointments it could save you a wallet full of cash as well as save you time.

You can sign up for a free account or learn more at http://Timebridge.com