Cynosure SculpSure

SculpSure is a laser-based non-surgical treatment that apparently melts abdominal fat. The treatment is recently gaining more interest as it claims to be the first system to do such a procedure. It was only in late 2015 that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that the department approved the use of this treatment for patients.

During the procedure, four flat non-suction applicators and contouring frames are placed in the area where the adipose tissue cells will be burned. According to Cynosure, the company for SculpSure, the wavelength (1060 nm) has an affinity towards the adipose tissue. They use a Proprietary Energy Modulation method elevating subdermal temperature from 45 up to 47 degrees Celsius. Despite the heat, cooling is available making the patient comfortable. They claim that up to 24% of fat is reduced in a span of 25 minutes.

The company has had patients try their procedure before after one to two treatments, showing significant changes in their abdominal area. A weight change may or may not occur; even gain after 6 weeks is possible. No data regarding diet or behavioral habits are revealed which could explain the gain or loss.

Considering the effects after six weeks, a study referenced below investigated a low-laser light treatment (LLLT) done weekly in a span of six weeks. The study’s results proved to have high very satisfactory ratings (54%) for participants. Thus, the study may imply that prospective patients of laser-based fat destruction treatments may consider the effects based on the research’s findings.

Dr. Thornfeldt, Dr. Thaxton, and Dr. Hornfeldt find that:

"subjects undergoing LLLT experience no treatment-related discomfort or other post-treatment adverse effects. In addition, the six week protocol will allow[s] for a more convenient treatment plan, further increasing the likelihood of overall patient satisfaction."

Eventually, it is the patient’s decision whether to try the breakthrough SculpSure or find another one that may suit their needs (and possibly their budget). SculpSure ensures that the procedure is done quickly and after one to two treatments, with results showing after 6 weeks' time.


Thornfeldt et al., 2016