Lynton Lasers & 3Juve

Lynton Lasers introduced 3Juve, using a three-step treatment to combat the signs of aging. It equips and combines three popular technologies: laser, intense pulse light (IPL), and radiofrequency (RF). Lynton proposes three steps in using all the methods, Resurface, Rebright, and Remodel.

The Resurface process tackles on skin renewal and the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles through collagen fibers. Rebright uses IPL in which it targets the pigmentation. Finally, Remodel makes use of the radiofrequency that will help tighten the skin.

Dr. Askari, a UK based doctor, is one of the first to use 3Juve on his patients says:

“The great thing about this means that my patients can get a truly customisable, individual program, created by myself and my staff that will last them several weeks giving them the best possible results.”

Combining technologies is not unheard of, and a study shows that with IPL and RF, patients are able to see positive results. This study, referenced below, used IPL, continuous RF, and ablative RF. In the research, the disappearance of fine lines and wrinkles were successful using those three technologies.


  • Lesion score: Pigmentation change after 6 weeks = 40%
  • Found: mild erythema and edema for all and had been treated after one day
  • 100% improvement in wrinkling

However, with this research they claim reduced pigmentation had least improvement. The authors of the research agree that all the technologies used to treat signs of aging are safe and effective.

In another study, it notes the importance of using light-based technologies for skin treatment.

The authors acknowledge IPL’s efficacy on pigmentation:

“IPL devices have also been used to treat benign pigmented lesions including ephelides and solar lentigines, with significant lesional improvement observed after a series of monthly treatments.”

In the same study, laser resurfacing have achieved best results with improvement and recovery.

Studies are somewhat light, but have shown potential as a new non-surgical treatment that would lessen any incidence of signs of aging in the long run.


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