Dr. Kavita Beri - Beri Esthetique, New Jersey

Dr. Kavita Beri of Beri Esthetique shares her experiences and her way of managing her practice and staff in our interview with the physician.

Dr. Kavita Beri - Beri EsthetiqueName: Kavita Beri MD
Clinic: Beri Esthetique
Location: New Jersey
Website: www.beriesthetique.com

Brief Bio: 

Dr Beri is the Medical Director and founder of Beri Esthetique Skin and Laser Medspa ( BE Skin & Laser) Dr. Beri is a board certified physician. She is the Medical Director and owner of Beri Esthetique Skin& Laser Med Spa. She also holds the position of Adjunct Professor of Biomedical & Tissue Engineering At Rutgers State University. She is also a Visiting Scientist at the Center for Dermal Research At Rutgers University. Dr. Beri is an Editorial Advisor to the Future Science OA Journals a leading group of journals in the field of regenerative medicine.

Her area of focus in research is with plant stem cells and their influence on epidermal stem cells leading to skin wound healing, anti-aging, and hair regeneration. She has contributed to extensively to scientific literature, publications, and presentations nationally as well as internationally. She is an avid practitioner of yoga and holds a keen interest in how Yogic and Vedic philosophy may guide scientific.

How did you consider aesthetic medicine in your practice?

Anti-aging physiology has always interested me since I was in medical school. Body healing mechanisms and its innate regenerative capacity fascinated me. My vision for Anti- Aging was always having a more holistic approach and facilitating the skin's regenerative capacity for healing. A more mind body and spirit approach to skincare and anti-aging. With this vision in mind I opened a medical practice that geared towards cosmetics but having a very regenerative and holistic approach to it. Aesthetic medicine has a very “feel good approach” and “instant gratification” aspect to it. But it is always important that this effect is not temporary when the service is provided and the client goes home with a feel good chance that they are proud and feel more satisfied with the results.

Can you tell us a background about your practice?

The practice is a small boutique practice with me as the physician and medical aestheticians. I have hand picked my staff and they have been with me since I opened my practice. I always wanted a family environment at work and so for the staff in the practice it was so important to share the vision I have of anti-aging. The holistic way of not doing too much of one thing but just enough to facilitate your skin's natural abilities. The aestheticians in their services carefully follow this same approach while providing face and body spa services. We have educative seminars and events that they actively participate in. Having a small staff was always something that added the personal touch to the practice, being a boutique practice, the patients are able to feel more “at home” and comfortable with the staff. Our patient population is a dynamic group of mostly women from the Jersey Shore area. Hard working, strong, independant women that take an active interest in keeping their mind body and skin healthy. I do spend a good deal of time with every new consult almost 45 mins to an hour discussing all aspects of their needs with skin care as well as educating them on all aspects of our approach. All most all of our wonderful clients appreciate our conservative approach to Anti-aging and understand the need for maintaining healthy skin on a regular basis. I feel very proud and blessed to have such amazing women come through the practice. We are very particular about the science behind all products used in the practice at the same time very particular about having organinc products for our spa services. My area of interest in research in Plant based cosmetics, and so most our anti-aging products are plant based.

What has been the process of hiring your staff?

Starting a new practice from the ground up , and then looking for staff is really not an easy ordeal by any means, but I must say by stroke of luck and pure grace I have been lucky with my staff. They have been with me since the beginning and know every aspect of our challenges with marketing, and getting the business running. My front desk person that I hired in the beginning, choose aesthetician as her next career, and joined the practice. While in school she continued to work and manage the office. So all in all I have to say I have been very lucky in that regards. My office staff IS my family.

In your practice, what laser treatments do you usually perform?

The laser that I have is the ALMA Harmony platform that has several handpieces attachments. We do offer the Clearlift Pixel, IPL, Laser Hair removal treatments with that laser. I am very particular about the laser being cutting edge and treatments being safe, painless and with no down time. Most women that come to our practice work and so having technology that didn't make them feel like the needed to hide themselves after getting a laser treatment was important for me when I was looking for the laser and type of treatments to offer. “Painless” laser hair removal, is for me is absolute necessity in current times. I do also have published case studies with Pixel Laser and so new technology that works with good science is what I look for.

Aside from usual marketing strategies, how else do you get the word out regarding your practice?

We have marketed our site on facebook, google, Yelp and using mailer. Our google presence is strong and having facebook adds definitely helps. I would say trying a mix of different aspects in advertising is important start off with one and then switch for the next few months, I think firing in all cylinders with marketing but keeping the budget in mind. We ask patients to review us online and that has been a good source of referral for us. Starting the practice I have tried newspaper ads, which honestly I don't think work that well since most media has been digital now. We also use a constant contact type of mailing service that helps with updating clients with new services.

My staff is very pro animal rights, and so are very active in running charity programs and donation events for the local humane society. I think giving back to the community is important. We have also sponsored Yoga classes in local studios to help support local breast cancer charities. Our patients really appreciate our presence in the community and giving back.

In your boutique clinic, which treatments are the most popular?

Laser hair removal and chemical peels have been very profitable in the medical aesthetic side and facials and body treatments in the spa side of the practice. I think most women look for simple approaches of maintaining their skin and these seem to be the most popular services for us.

In your years of practicing aesthetic medicine, what can you share to us?

I think what I have learned the most from this practice, is connecting and understanding with my clients and learning from them. I think a human connection is such an important aspect of practicing any type of connection and really getting to know your clients so they feel comfortable to trust you and trust what you have to offer to them. I think learning how to not see them as just another “patient looking getting laser hair removal” but actually getting to know them as people. I think I have enjoyed and treasured that aspect of my practice the most. We oftentimes hare jokes, life stories and life experiences. I think women in general are just beautiful beings that really cherish connecting and networking and just making long lasting bonds, and so work aside, I think that personal feel to the practice is so wonderful.

As a practicing physician, what can you impart to physicians practicing cosmetic medicine?

I would say, don't look at cosmetic medicine as just a money making practice. I think it is such a wonderful field of Anti-aging, where we can really help evolve our patients help them feel good and happier about their skin and health in general. Regenerative dermatology is a growing and interesting feel . Incorporating yoga and meditation to the entire anti-aging approach is very important in my opinion while giving advice to patients. Having them visualise themselves with healthy skin is helpful in the overall result. I think focus on plant based cosmetics and more conservative safe approaches to skin care are what clients are looking for. Making Anti-aging Cosmetics more organic and holistic should be our approach.