Survey: The Cosmetic Clinic Consultation Blueprint

The money is a cosmetic clinic is made in the consultation room. We want you to make more of it.

Take this quick survey and help us build a blueprint of best practices for cosmetic patient consultations.

What do you say? What do you do? What tools, software, or photos do you use to educate your patients during a consultation? What's your teams process and training? What results or metrics do you track?

Patient consutations are where your clinic makes money. That's the truth. The services you then deliver are just a fulfillment of the promises and commitments you made in the consult room. So improving your patient conslultatons is something that you should be focused on as a clinician, and working to get everyone on your team behind. 

Help us build the roadmap to the perfect cosmetic patient consultation by taking this quick survey and telling us how you perform consults, what works, and what you've tried that doesn't. We'll compile all of the answers along with input from consult guru's and top performers to build a "cosmetic clinc consultation blueprint" that will be available to members to learn from and help train their team to up-level one of the most critical parts of your cosmetic business. 

Take this survey and share your thoughts. 

This survey has 10 questions and should take you just a few minutes. (We might even contact you for more info for the guide.)