Medical Spa MD Classified Ads

Medical Spa MD Classified Ads

We're re-launching the classified ads for cosmetic clinic owners to let you buy and sell your used devices. IPL's, cosmetic lasers, RF devices, services and even entire clinics have a place to find a new home.

The 'classified ad' section of the site was a great start when it was first launched years ago and we're happy to say that hundreds of lasers and IPL's and even cliincs transited the site, but truth be told, it's suffered from some neglect. Since it was free to post it attracted a fair amount of spam and junk. We decided that it was worth fixing, so we started fresh and revamped the site.

The new site ( will now charge $10 for a 30 day listing and $97 for a full year. That should be enough to keep the spammers at bay but be negligable for members who are really looking to sell a device or service. After all, if you're selling a $90k IPL, a $10 classified ad listing is probably the best deal you're ever going to see. 

You can always access this through the "Classifieds" link in the main menu above. Additionally, we reserve the right to delete listings that we don't like for any reason or for no reason, especially if we think it's spam.

To create a classified ad and sell your laser or IPL.

To create a classified ad you'll have to create a new account since it's on a separate platform and manages a different system. (Sorry about that.) You'll be able to sort and filter depending upon what you're looking for since there are a number of categories; Cosmetic LasersFractional LasersIPLRF devices, equipment, business services, miscellaneous and even medspas and clinics for sale

Don't worry if there's not a massive selection right now. It will grow.

  1. Create a new account on the classifieds site:
  2. Post your ad. (Make sure it's good if you want it to sell.)
  3. Go through the pament process.

That's pretty much it. You can log in to that account to change/edit your ad any time you want, and all payment and communications will take place outside of the system. (You'll be responsible for that after the initial contact.) Simple, simple, simple.


  • Once we have a few ads up we'll be sending a selection from the classifieds out during our weekly emails to all members so we'll take care of that too.
  • We have members worldwide. Take that into account when you're browsing or selling.