3 Types of Content for Your Own Medical Spa MD Academy Course


When we launched the Medical Spa MD Training Academy we intended it to fill the training needs that are not being addressed by typical training systems, and to do it at scale, making the latest training available to every clinician and clinic.

Most clinicians think of training in very specific methodologies, most often the terms "hand's-on" is applied. It's common for cosmetic physicians to fly around the country, or to other countries, to receive training in 'hot' or trending techniques that are in demand and which may bring in extra revenue.

But "hands-on" training has any number of drawbacks, most notably the fact of very limited scale. The reason that most technical courses demand that you be at a specific location is not because it's the most effective way to deliver training, it's that in the past there have been technical limitations that have prevented the easy dissemination of information.

But those limitations have been removed to a large extent. Now, there are college courses by MIT, Stanford, Harvard and others that educate thousands or tens of thousands of students at a time. The benefits are staggering and it's only old-school thinking that limits the application of these technologies in new spaces.

Here at Medical Spa MD, we help physicians set-up their own courses and want to give you the opportunity to reach other audiences.

Our goal is to provide quality training, not just clinical "how to", but other training as well. Operations, social media, leadership, software, and everything else that goes in to building a successful clinic.

We also look to help clinicians who have valuable skills and training to find an audience, which is the single largest issue that stops the sharing of information; is it worth it?

Courses do not need to be long or involved. I've taken plenty of courses that are free or took 20 minutes. There are no real restrictions about what you can do as long as it makes sense. How do I close a sale? How do I schedule a team better? How can I manage my money? Which technology should I buy? How to negotiate? How do I run a Facebook campaign? What can you use to start your own course?

All information is already know, but the value of a course is that it's curated and provided as a guide, not just a jumble of information.

Re-purpose a presentation as a course.

You may have given a presentation or talked at a conference. Most of these types of presentations are easily re-workable to create a short (or long) course and get in front of a much bigger audience. It's actually quite easy and we're happy to help.

Share a Technique

 It does not have necessarily to be your own copyrighted technique. There are plenty of clinicians around the world who have never been exposed to what you take for granted.

Use Your Existing Course

Even if you have this course posted over another site, you may not be reaching the audience you are expecting. Our community encompasses thousands of physician members on the site, and we assure you there are physicians still willing to train more.

Aside from reaching a wider audience, we have tools for you that could help you easily set-up your new course. Have questions? Contact us here and tell us about your new course.