Electrologists in Florida can perform laser hair removal?

WildWildWest.jpgThis kind of underground 'you can do this' stuff pops up regularly regarding laser hair removal. Who can do it? Who can't?

Here's a comment that was made that, if you just read it, would lead you to believe that Electrologists in Florida can perform laser hair removal.

Here's the comment and the note I left on it.

From adrisen: "In the State of Florida one needs to be an Electrologist before they can do laser hair removal.  I contacted them becasue I am moving here in 15 months. Thank you for the information on the Harmoney.  There is another unit that I am looking into and might ask about.  Thanks everyone."

(NOTE: I've decided to leave this comment up although it's incorrect. In every state in the US, laser hair removal is considered and regulated as a medical treatment and must be performed under medical supervision at the least. Electrologists on their own, may not perform laser hair removal any more than Jane Doe on the street. There are no exceptions and every state is the same with this basic premise.)

Now if you're an electrologist, don't get out your powered knitting needle and come looking for me. Call us crazy but the US regulates medical treatments.

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