The AMA & Retail Medical Clinics

You'll notice below that the precourser is physicians complaining that "retail clinics interfere with the traditional practice of medicine". Sounds like something I've heard before.

Via Kevin MD: It's obvious they are taking a more aggressive stance against the growing threat of retail clinics:


The American Medical Association wants authorities to investigate whether quickie retail-based health clinics run by pharmacy chains pose conflicts of interest that put profits ahead of patient health.

The nation’s largest physicians’ group on Monday adopted a resolution vowing to seek an investigation after several AMA doctors complained that the clinics interfere with the traditional practice of medicine.

The AMA wants state and federal agencies to look into whether pharmacy chain-owned clinics located in the stores urge patients to get their prescriptions filled on site, which the AMA maintains would pose a conflict. It also said that insurance companies should be banned from waiving or lowering co-payments only for patients who get treatment at store-based clinics.

Tough to say how this is going to shake out. It may be better to collaborate, rather than take an adversarial approach.

Doctor Anonymous with more. He thinks once the inevitable malpractice lawsuits hit these clinics, they will die quickly.